Reiki for Healing Eye Disease Online Workshop

Reiki for Healing Eye Disease Online Workshop

Online class. Work at your own pace.


"I am so glad to have taken your on-line course Reiki for healing eye-issues. The class material and videos were very informative, the questions the students from your live on-line course asked answered most of my own questions. The method you demonstrated made sense, opening ourselves to new methods of working with a client is a good thing.  I am happy to have access to the course videos for the next 6 month period as I pick up something more each time watch them. The information you provided on the various eye issues was very understandable. Once again I am very grateful to have found this course and am currently working with several people each of whom has a different eye issue."    Beverly C, Ontario Canada

I recently took Dawn's class on Reiki for Eye Issues. Prior to signing up, I listened to some of Dawn's videos as well as information on her website and found her to be well-versed in Reiki techniques and practices. I took a chance on the workshop, not really knowing too much more about Dawn specifically. Wow! I am very happy that I happened to find her information while searching about how to heal eye disease for a client! This workshop was comprehensive and covered much useful information about working on yourself and others. I found Dawn's approach to be straightforward, authentic, reassuring and encouraging. I look forward to trying these techniques on my client and myself as well as taking future classes with Dawn! 
Jeanmarie Wilson, Reiki Master  


Several of the students that took this course had improvement in their eyesight within a week. One person went back to a lower strength pair of eye glasses.

The course was originally presented live. All sessions were recorded along with students' questions and answers. Course includes handouts and access to videos.

In this class you will learn: 

Specific protocols for using Reiki or any other energy modality for addressing eye diseases or eye issues. This workshop will address macular degeneration, macular holes, glacoma, neuropathy/neuritis of the optic nerves, eye issues resulting from drug or alcohol abuse, far and near sightedness, myopia, healing after surgery, stroke to the eyes, retinal tears, and other eye issues. Learn how to strengthen your eyesight and protect yourself from getting eye isssues.  

After you complete the course you will have the opportunity to have any of your questions regarding using energy to heal the eyes answered by the instructor. 

Whatever modality that you use, in order to take this class you must have learned a method of distance energy healing. Either Reiki II or another modality's equivalent. 

Upon signing up, you will be instructed how to access the course.

Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, and Energy Expert, Dawn Fleming has worked with energy since 1989. She is helping clients with eye issues worldwide. Dawn has worked with clients with many different issues. She has two clients that were legally blind and regained their full eyesight. 

$ 275.00