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Are you looking for an Energy Expert? 

You found her!

Are you struggling with eyes issues, fertility challenges, brain trauma, or dealing with other health issues or just feeling Stuck, Anxious or Stressed? Or maybe you are seeking to go deeper on your spiritual path.or want to create happiness, and abundance!

Let me assist you in your process to get unblocked, healed, balanced, deal with change, lower stress or reach your goals. Let's unlock and reveal the inner light with you to accelerate your healing process.

I see clients in person in Dewey or Scottsdale, AZ as well as at a distance. I have clients world-wide. We set up the sessions that are good for all time zones. The services that I offer are Reiki, Medical intuitive assessments, Fertility Assessments, Life Coaching, Cord Cutting, Mentoring and more See services.

Life is too precious to waste time being sick, angry, anxious, depressed or stuck. I have been helping clients for over 29 years with Reiki/Vibrational healing, Medical Intuitive Reading and more. Be empowered from within to take back control of your health and well-being. See testimonials.