Are you looking for a Multidimensional Awakening?


The world is shifting into a Higher Vibration. You are here to expand your Light and Experience the Galactic and Cosmic Being that you are!

Are you ready to unlock and reveal the Inner Light within you to accelerate your Evolutionary Shift?

If you answered YES, you are ready to experience a Gateway Activations session. 

Gateway Activations sessions focus on expanding your Light, your capacity to live in a Multidimensional state that supports your desires and dreams. All levels of you energetic Being are cleared, upgraded, and expanded. This opens you to pathways of experience and knowledge held in Higher dimensions. All Gateway Activations sessions are done remotely. I have clients world-wide. We set up the sessions that are good for all time zones. After you purchase your session, we will set up a session date and time that works for both of us and your journey begins. Here is a link to an interview of Dawn discussing the Gateway Activations sessions.

Life is too precious to waste feeling stuck or operating on less than your fullest capacity. Experience a shift that supports your Highest Calling. Experience an upgrade to your entire energetic template. Testimonial: 

Words almost fail me as I begin to write this recommendation for pursuing an Gateway Activations/Ascension session with Dawn. It was such a powerful life-affirming session! It was a profound experience. I can honestly say it was the the most exciting and revealing transformational experience I ever have been blessed to receive. It was being blessed with a big YES and JOY! - my own JOY! No one else could define this for me nor would I ever allow outside forces in any form to define this JOY for me! What a discovery! What freedom! Dawn is a true administrator, conduit, instrument of Pure Light with highest intentions for bringing about a transformation that serves our highest good and purpose. I, in my most humble expression, thank you for this gift of Ascension.  Constance K

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