Reiki Infused Scarves

Let these Reiki Infused Silk Scarves assist you in your healing process. Use them on yourself, on clients, or gift them to family members who need a little healing boost. 

All of scarves are 100% silk. I dye each scarf. They are either 15" X 60" or 11” by 60.” All scarves have been prayed over and infused with Reiki for 7 to 10 days. The scarves also have all been attuned with the Usui and Karuna sacred Reiki symbols. You can wear the scarf and absorb the good vibrations, place over an area that needs healing energy, meditate with the scarf, use it in your Reiki/energy sessions, give as a gift to someone in need, or place it in a room that could benefit from a higher vibration and see what unfolds.

Right now I offer two styles of Reiki Infused Scarfs:
Shibori (which is a Japanese style of dyeing) and has layers of two colors with line patterns running throughout the scarf.  Comes in 11 x 60.

Spirit Scarves (which looks like tie dyed but really is done with a very different process.) Spirit Scarves might show images of faces, animals, feathers, or geometric shapes. NOW COMES IN 15 X 60 and 8 X 72. The 15 X 60 is larger than what was offered in the past for the same amount.

Scarves come in a variety of vibrant colors combinations.

Each scarf is unique. Colors, depth, and design may vary scarf to scarf because of mixing dyes and the dyeing process.

Custom orders can be created as well with just about any color combination. Contact Dawn at

Scarves are dyed and infused with Reiki for several days after you place the order. Expect up to two to three weeks to receive your order.


The last time I saw you I bought a really beautiful, long, purple and white Reiki scarf. About a year later a friend of ours got very seriously ill. My husband traveled down to N.C. to see his family and also to visit her in the hospital.The doctors had suggested that her family turn off life support. All of us were sending prayers and Reiki. Tom did a session on her and I had asked him to leave the scarf with her. A few days later she woke up and is now doing fine. GOD is great! When I saw her a few months later she  tried to give me back the scarf, but I knew she was to keep it. I want to know if you have any other purple and white scarfs, or something similar.  I really would like to replace it if possible. 
Angel Hugs, Gayle

I bought three Reiki infused scarves to help me deal with work related anxiety. I am always wearing one of these or have one on my desk near by. It really has helped a lot. I do not dread going to work anymore. 
Thanks, L. M.

Dawn, I use my scarves on my hypno, counseling, and Reiki clients. It helps them to settle down more quickly so we can get deeper faster. 
J. B

A beautiful addition to my wardrobe and a wonderful way to keep things balanced in my world.
V. C.