About Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming is an Energy Expert and a catalyst for change. Working in the field for over 25 years as an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, medical intuitive, soul coach, ordained minister, teacher, and author, Dawn has helped many people heal, move forward, live their truth, and celebrate their life. She has dedicated her life's work to healing and embracing higher consciousness through energy methods, meditation, prayer, and alchemical tools and processes. Dawn currently sees clients in her offices in Prescott and Scottsdale and via distance healing as she has clients around the world.

She believes that miracles are natural occurrences when we awaken to and align in our Truth and live accordingly. Dawn realized at the very young age of 8 that she was connected into a much larger energy dynamic then what was in front of her eyes. She recognized her Divine connection and since then, has sought union with God in all aspects of her life. Her path opened up more in the 1980s when she became involved in chakra balancing. This journey evolved into the study and use of various energy modalities, particularly Reiki, which deepened her intuition and opened her on many levels to discover her True nature - Divine Love. From this place of Oneness, she knows that we can access our inner wisdom and the knowledge for healing, transformation, and ascension for ourselves and the world. 
As a medical intuitive, Dawn finds that when she touched clients, their bodies' tend to provide lots of information on what is going on in all levels -physical, emotional, and mental. She can see the holographic body and the energy lines that are blocked or broken that are impacting a client’s ability to heal.
For the left brain world, she has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, completed some work at the Masters level, and worked for 20 years in the Federal Government as a Senior Intelligence Analyst as well as a Senior Policy Officer. In November 2001, Dawn followed her Higher calling, and resigned from her government job to pursue her spiritual work. 
Her goal is to help empower individuals, groups and the planet to heal, and to live happy, abundant, and healthy lives. She assists clients and groups to release limitations and move into love. She believes that "We are here to help people remember their True Nature - unlimited potential, divine love, connected in Oneness with all Creation, a co-creator with Heaven." 
Dawn teaches all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki, Cord Cutting, Hara Repair, and Medicial Intuition to name a few
The services that she offer such as Reiki sessions (in person and distance), Medical Intuitive Assessments, Fertility Assessment, Cord Cutting, Life Coaching, and Reiki Mentoring can be viewed here.
She is an award winning author. Her books and DVD include: Start, Grow, and Expand Your Holistic Health Practice, Reiki I and II Manuals that teachers can copy, Navigating the Continuing Education Approval Process, Mastering Reiki (book and dvd), Teaching Workshops Effectively, and Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive Through Menopause. 
Her website is http://www.energytransformations.org