About Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming is an internationally known and respected Energy Expert, Reiki Master, and Galactic Ambassador. She utilizes her ability to communicate with your energetic body, Higher self, the Archangels and Ascended Beings, and an array of Galactic Beings working for your Highest Alignment and healing. Dawn is truly a transformation energy facilitator. She works on all levels of the client’s energetic structures empowering them to move freely on earth and across the Cosmic dimensions. Through her work and teaching, Dawn strives to assist her clients to release limiting patterns and to step into their Multi-Awakened body. 

Dawn realized at the very young age of eight that she was connected into a much larger energy dynamic then what was in front of her eyes. She recognized her Divine connection and since then, has sought union with God in all aspects of her life. Her path opened up more in the 1980s when she became involved in chakra balancing. This journey evolved into the study and use of various energy modalities, particularly Reiki, which deepened her intuition and opened her on many levels to discover her True nature - Divine Love. She has had many experiences of a Galactic nature, and she understands how to work/travel within the multidimensional spheres in which we reside. 

She has worked in the field of energy medicine for over 30 years. Dawn's services include: Gateway Activations, Reiki, Medical Intuitive services, Cord Cutting, Fertility Assessments, Mentoring and more. As an author and teacher, Dawn and has assisted many people to align their energy so that they can heal, move forward, live their truth, and celebrate their life. Dawn has clients worldwide.

For the left brain world, she has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, completed some work at the Masters level, and worked for 20 years in the Federal Government as a Senior Intelligence Analyst as well as a Senior Policy Officer. In November 2001, Dawn followed her Higher calling, and resigned from her government job to pursue her spiritual work.