What are Dawn's clients saying about her?

Words almost fail me as I begin to write this recommendation for pursuing an Gateway Activations/Ascension session with Dawn. It was such a powerful life-affirming session! It was a profound experience. I can honestly say it was the the most exciting and revealing transformational experience I ever have been blessed to receive. It was being blessed with a big YES and JOY! - my own JOY! No one else could define this for me nor would I ever allow outside forces in any form to define this JOY for me! What a discovery! What freedom! Dawn is a true administrator, conduit, instrument of Pure Light with highest intentions for bringing about a transformation that serves our highest good and purpose. I, in my most humble expression, thank you for this gift of Ascension.  Constance K

Improved age related macular degeneration. I appreciate all that your Reiki treatments have done to improve my eyesight!  I am now able to drive at night and not see any shadows. The sides of the road are clear and I see all the way out to the edge of the road. I have no fear while driving now! Two months ago I thought I would never be able to go out at night, and now that has been totally reversed! I can't say enough "THANK YOUs" for these incredible results!!!!   Loretta 12/3/22

My recent remote Reiki session with Dawn was exceptional and powerful! As a Reiki practitioner myself, I know that each session can be a little different, but usually I just deeply relax and go into a kind of light meditative state. This session was unusual in that I almost immediately started thinking about old childhood memories. Some of the memories were difficult or painful, and I even briefly cried. It was intense! But the intensity did not last the whole session.  
After revisiting these old childhood memories, my body and mind relaxed, almost to the point of going to sleep. I felt a bit exhausted, as if I had done some intense physical activity. And it felt good in the same kind of way you can feel after a good hike or run. I felt more balanced and at ease. I have the sense that the Reiki energy specifically sought out these old pain points so it could heal them.  

Dawn held the space and the energy brilliantly both during the session and afterward when we chatted the next day.  The whole experience was just what I needed that I didn't know I needed.  AndI am so grateful for it!  
Best,  Deb Beany 10/02/22


My sessions with Dawn have been nothing short of amazing. I can truly feel her warm, loving energy flowing through me, and I always feel amazing after my sessions. Dawn has helped me with various issues, including hormonal imbalance, my vision, and a painful bladder condition which have truly improved because of her. She truly takes the time to understand any changes in my symptoms and needs between sessions so she can personalize them. The notes she sends me afterward always resonate and touch my heart, and I feel truly supported and cared for. Dawn has been an incredible blessing in my life, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in seeking her care. Thank you Dawn, from the bottom of my heart. -Rachel 9/15/22


Hi Dawn. I just want to say thanks so much for my last session of reiki, things are really shifting for me. I feel like I've just met my soul mate (though it's early days :)). It's all feeling very refreshing and very healing. He's also spiritual/an empath and just so different to any guy i've attracted into my life ever. Thank you so much as I feel as if I'm letting love in now. You're the best.
CW 8/20/22


Dawn Fleming was my former Reiki instructor in the very early 2000's. I recently had to have a Spinal Fusion, and although it was a scary procedure, I needed to have it to get rid of the pain that I suffered in both hamstrings and my lower back for the past 3 years.

I contacted Dawn about a Reiki sessions for surgery that I had scheduled for November 9, 2021. Dawn proceeded with one session a month before surgery and then 3 sessions; one before right before surgery, one the day of surgery and then one a few days after the surgery.

I am here to say that it was a successful text book surgery and I woke up not feeling any pain whatsoever. To this day I have not had any pain associated with the surgery and I attribute it to the Reiki Surgery Sessions that I had to prepare my body for the surgery and to support it afterwards.

My physical therapy is going great.

Thank you Dawn (and of course my Surgeon) for giving me back my life so that I can function normally again on a daily basis! I praise you Dawn and the work that you perform.
Judy Bass 1/19/22

I receive a session from Dawn once a month. After my last session in December 2021, my wife said that I looked 20 years younger. Dawn got rid of all my stress and it felt like I can relax in my own body.
RBM  12.8.21

Working with dawn has truly been a life changing experience. 
My father had been in the ICU in a medically induced coma for over 30 days. The family just concluded a meeting with the doctors about putting dad into comfort care, to ensure a pain free passing. I was devastated. Over the next couple days I started praying and meditating on how to help my father. I came across an article by Dawn Flemming in the International Center for Reiki Training Spring 2021 Magazine and how Reiki has helped people suffering with complications from covid-19. I called her immediately after reading the article and seeing this as a sign - as a way to heal my father spiritually. He had been through so much trauma leading up to his illness I wanted to heal his spirit to either help him pass in peace or hopefully bring him home alive and well. 
 Dawn started working on him immediately. From that moment on my father progressed in his healing. Working in tandem with the doctors, they were finally able to get him out of his sedation, which they were unable to  do  before Dawns Reiki sessions. Since then, my father has continued to progress. His track was removed and he was strong enough to get a voice box. He has become strong enough to undergo two  surgeries to support his longterm healing. Just yesterday, my fathers main doctor told my mother how impressed him and his staff is on how much improvement he  has made in his healing. Every day there is progress. 
 Dawn not only assisted in healing of my father but also provided me with the tools to continue to work on my father after her sessions were complete. This is a gift I will forever be grateful for, to Dawn, to Reiki and to her covid-19 class. I highly recommend Dawn and feel blessed to know her. if you feel drawn to her - she may be able to help you too. Whether you are a healer, or looking to find comfort for a friend or loved one, Dawn's Covid-19 class provides the tools to micro focus and bring in optimum healing. 
With love and gratitude, 
Kathryn Zyhailo    6/24/2021

I found Dawn in May 2018 from a random google search because I went through an egg retrieval cycle and only had two small follicles which retrieved zero eggs. Her name popped up in a article about a woman that had no luck with having follicles. And then she used Dawn and ended up having a baby. So I said “Why not?.”

So Dawn did a few sessions on me prior to my next egg retrieval and some right before the cycle which was ended up being in October. So this time I had 5 follicles, and they retrieved two eggs and only one fertilized.

So now we have to get ready for the implantation in April 2019. Almost a year later from my first contact. Of course I wanted to make sure that Dawn would help me get ready for that process too as she was now a part of my “Dream Team” to help me get this baby.

Looking back at my communications with Dawn she was very positive, super informative and most importantly responsive. She knew all about the stars and timing of things so when things didn’t work out or if they got pushed back she let me know it was probably for the best at that moment in time.  Here it is June 2020 and I have an almost 6 month baby girl. Thank you Dawn!
Michelle Nelson, 6/25/20

I tried Reiki because my fertility specialists would not start ivf with me unitl I had more follicles. The month before Dawn started working with my I had one follicle on each ovary. This month after having the fertility assessment and Reiki, I have a total of 9 follicles! 

A. S.  6/18/20

The lining of my uterus would not get thick enough to transfer the eggs from IVF. I worked with Dawn to thicken the lining. Not only did the lining reach the number that my doctor wanted. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this past December. Thank you Dawn!
M. R.  1/15/20

I just want to thank Dawn so much for the Reiki treatments on my eyes. After looking at what all the other people in the macular degeneration group are going through, I fell like I'm blessed and preventing so much with these sessions.
Sandy Hernadez   10/9/18

Reiki changed my life for the better. My name is Candace Luther and I am legally blind. When I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. I was considered high partial until eight years ago, my vision begin to rapidly diminishing. Eye doctors and retina specialist told me that there is no way to reverse it. They also told me that there is no treatment and that I have to just learn to deal with it. They also suggested that I learn braille so that when I do go completely blind, the transition would be easier. I first began to develop night blindness. Later it was at the point where it seem like I was looking through a tunnel. My peripheral view diminished. As year passed by, Cataracs begin to form. It was like I was looking through a thick spiderweb, and I was only able to see light perception. But Reiki has changed all that.

When I first met Dawn Fleming, I was a bit of a skeptic. After my first session, I did notice something change. I begin to see through my peripheral view. Like I said, all these years it was like looking through a tunnel. Now, I could almost see everything around me. The Cataracs no longer makes me feel like I am looking through a spiderweb. And instead of my vision making things look really dark, I could see more light. This has really opened up my views on miracles. I learned that anything is possible.
Candace Luther 9/5/2018

Dawn did Reiki on me before my back surgery to get me prepared for the eminent assault. My surgery went so smooth and I did not have that initial terrible pain from surgery afterward. Then she did a session on me the day after surgery. I was constipated from the anesthesia and narcotics. After Dawn did the session everything moved along. I was able to go. This surgery was so amazing. I never was in a lot of really bad pain so I was able to go off the narcotics and pain relievers after day 1. This all I attribute to Dawn’s Reiki abilities. She can calm down pissed off nerves thereby relieving a lot of pain. She is amazing.
Jan G.  8/18/18

Hi Dawn, I wanted to share some great news about my pregnancy. I had an ultrasound today, the embryo is 5 weeks & 4 days old!  The implantation process was a great success. Thanks once again for your input & positive feedback!
Bobbett P.  7/20/18

I had brain trauma from a fall. The healing process was slow. I had vision issues, severe headaches, problems focusing, could not sleep, and more. I could not drive or function very well. Dawn did 10 Reiki sessions in one month. Right away my pain levels went down and I sletp for the first time in 7 weeks. Then my vision began improving. Within four weeks, my life began turning back to normal. I am so grateful for the Reiki and how it has helped me to heal. Thank you Dawn!
Nancy J. 2/16/18

Words can't describe the insight and peace of mind that Dawn has giving me. She went above and beyond to get to the bottom of some health issues that I have been experiencing for the past 11 months. Not only did she tell me how to address the problems but also told me the source of the issues which ended up being a compound of emotional events. She knew events and personal situations that I would have never thought she would pick up on. I am amazed and truly grateful!

I had an amazing medical intuitive session with Dawn on my son! He has a corneal disease and developmental delays. Dawn gave me very specific information and tools for his healing. She also enlightened me on why he chose to be a person with developmental delays. Extremely "eye opening"
Barb Russell

"When I decided to walk down a path of healing, my journey was blessed with a highly gifted and compassionate healer.  Working with Dawn has helped me find my sense of self, clarity, and courage to continue walking my path.  Very grateful to have her as part of my Team Spirit."
Nicole E.

"Dawn has the gift and skills to see, address and work with issues from different energetic and spiritual levels. I find tremendous relief and healing in working with my physical and emotional issues from a much bigger place. Dawn's integrity and many years of experience in using her gift with long distance work and then sharing with me the process of her work is always enlightening, affirming, and empowering. It is priceless. I have also benefited greatly from her hands on Reiki sessions. There is Truth in her work and it always opens and untangles aspects within me that can then begin moving again toward healing. I trust the work she does implicitly."
Fran Walsh

“I was 40 years old and just completed two cycles of IVF with no success when it came to implanting the eggs. I was advised to adopt. I was referred to Dawn for Reiki. Dawn removed the blocked energy around the uterus that was keeping the eggs from implanting. I am now pregnant with twins. Dawn did Reiki on me in person and from a distance several weeks before the eggs were implanted, during and when the eggs were implanted. 
P. C.

“Diagnosed as legally blind with macular degeneration I was referred to Dawn for Reiki. I had seen how she had helped my wife recover from a bad accident earlier in the year. I called her and began receiving. Dawn sent Reiki from a distance. My eye sight improved enough and I got back my license. Other areas of my life improved as well. What a blessing!”
Bob M

"Had cords cut from negative family beliefs and control. Dawn gently guided me through the process via skype. She followed it with a Reiki session to balance out the energy that was released. It was so freeing. I had felt so blocked and stuck as if nothing was moving in the right direction in my life. I now feel much peace and am very open to new opportunities."

"Dawn Fleming is an exceptional teacher and practitioner. She is knowledgeable, generous and talented. It has been my honor to receive many treatments from her as well as take a number of classes and courses offered by her. I am now a successful Reiki practitioner utilizing what Dawn has taught me to help numerous cancer patients. I am thankful for Dawn's guidance and commitment to share knowledge".
Mary Carkhuff, Annapolis, MD

"Dawn is a wonderful teacher, healer, and does amazing things as a Reiki Master practitioner. She is truly an inspiration to me and everyone who has the privilege to work with her."
Tracy Dobbs

"I discovered Dawn through an online article for Reiki. Every part of my instincts said to call for a session. I'm glad I did. My life was in a state of crisis and trauma. Working with Dawn & Reiki allowed me to step back into my body to work through the tough emotions that were coming up. All my sessions were done through distance Reiki and follow up phone sessions. She is a gifted healer that is very much in tune with the energy and emotions of a client. I can't thank Dawn enough for being available for the help, and the gifts she brings into the world. Life has come back to center as a result of working with her.
Thank you Dawn!"
N.E. Arlington, VA

"Dawn is an amazing medical intuit and healer. I have been so blessed to experience and to witness many healings from Dawn over the years, for myself, my family and for referrals. Dawn is incredibly accurate when identifying an illness, block or situation that creates "dis ease" and she is equally accurate at pinpointing the process necessary for a healing to take place."
L. B.

"Whether you are looking to heal a physical, mental or emotional situation, feeling stymied on your spiritual path or maybe you just need a good life coach to get you to that next goal....Dawn is your answer. She is equally amazing in person or via distance healing. Much gratitude for all your help!"

"I first met Dawn Fleming after surviving kidney cancer. In less than a two week time span I had endured a lengthy surgery and the sudden unexpected death of my mother. These events were a serious shock to both my physical and emotional health, and although at my six month check-up after the surgery I was declared cancer free, I was not at all free of the darkness that had started to close in on me. I knew I was falling into a serious depression, and the only thing my doctor could offer me were prescription drugs."

"Even before my illness I had never liked taking prescription medicine. It seemed to me that the side effects of most prescription drugs were almost as bad as the diseases they were supposed to treat. Over the years I had developed a strong interest in alternative and complementary medicine, and I used a chiropractor regularly. When he found out about my depression, he recommended that I go see Dawn for a Reiki treatment."

"I had heard about Reiki, but never tried it. However at that point I knew that I had to try something. The darkness and fear of living was getting worse, and I could not see myself continuing on the way I was. My first Reiki session with Dawn was completely amazing! As soon as she began I could feel energy moving through me, and it was suddenly as though someone had pulled back a curtain in a dark room and flooded it with brilliant sunlight! The darkness fled, and I was left feeling better than I had felt in many, many months. I felt like I could live again! I also knew at that same moment, almost as though someone whispered it into my ear, that Reiki was something that I wanted to make a permanent part of my life. I wanted to learn how to do this for others, and I wanted Dawn to be the one to teach me."

"Dawn did eventually become my Reiki teacher, and I found her to be just as caring and thoughtful a Reiki teacher as she is when she is helping someone who is ill. Dawn brought me back from the edge. In a very essential way she saved my life. She is incredibly intuitive and highly skilled, and even though I have been a practicing Reiki Master myself for some years now I still call on her occasionally for help and advice. I am always amazed at how she is able to 'see' the root of a problem and help make corrections and repairs that speed healing and a return to balance. She is a remarkable person!"

"Thank you Dawn!"
Bob Tucker

"I feel very blessed to have discovered Dawn at this time in my life. Dawn is a caring, compassionate and amazingly gifted energy healer. I have been in awe on several occasions with her intuition and ability to sense the flow of energy in my system. She has helped me with both physical and mental healing, both in person and at a distance. Each session has been a peaceful and tranquil experience, for which I am incredibly grateful. Dawn has so many positive qualities, some of which include being a great listener, responsive and a helpful teacher. I have so much admiration and respect for her, and can easily recommend Dawn for assistance with healing, spiritual guidance, lectures, and education. "
Lauri from Arizona

"Dawn is a fantastic Reiki Master (both healer AND instructor)! She is very organized, articulate, develops a great rapport with her students and treats them with respect. Her Reiki courses are outstanding not just for their content, but also for the many years of practical wisdom and experience she has accumulated as a Reiki Master healer. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me through her Reiki courses, mentorship, as well as personal healing work at a time when I most needed it."
Dave L.

I was told by three doctors that I had maculardegeneration. I worked with Dawn for three months once a week and at my next  appointment with the specialist at Wilmer Eye Clinic at Johns Hopkins, I was told that I no longer had it. 

M.G. (my husband is a doctor and that is why I was getting so many opinions)