Two Modern Mystics Radio Show

two modern mystics radio show

Are you searching for life’s meaning, more love or peace in your life, and or abundance? Do you keep stumbling over the same issues in life that make you feel stuck or bad about yourself?

Join Two Modern Mystics Dawn Fleming and Linda Roebuck as they give you food for the soul to help handle life’s challenges and deepen your spiritual journey. Let these two Mystics take you deeper into a world of expanding consciousness, so you can find your gifts and live your truth. Listen in and find out how you can open up to a whole new world that will support and empower you from within.

The shows are aired on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 pm EST. They are available anytime to listen to after they are recorded.  You can even download them and listen at your convince.

Our goals are to provide you with wisdom and techniques to release what is blocking your life, to raise consciousness, to help heal individually and collectively, and to provide inspiration to make your dreams a reality. We can change the world by healing ourselves.

You have several options. You can listen live or go to our site after it is recorded and listen, or download the show and listen over and over again.