Reiki Infused Scarves

Spirit Scarf - Fire and Earth

Spirit Scarf - Fire and Earth

Fire and Earth - Red and Brown. Ignite the deepest part of your being to create balance on all levels. Let this fire and earth combination take you to the core and bring back the fire you desire to manifest a life grounded in the confidence and the knowing to take you forward fearlessly. 

All of scarves are 100% silk. They are 8" x 72” or 15" x 60". All scarves have been prayed over and infused with Reiki. The scarves also have all been attuned with the Usui and Karuna sacred Reiki symbols. You can wear the scarf and absorb the good vibrations, place over an area that needs healing energy, meditate with the scarf, use it in your Reiki/energy sessions, give as a gift to someone in need, or place it in a room that could benefit from a higher vibration and see what unfolds.

Price is $40 plus $5 shipping. 
Discount for ordering 3 or more scarves plus free shipping, $110

$ 45.00