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Gateway Activations Sessions

Gateway Activations Sessions

Welcome to Gateway Activations!

Are you ready for a Multidimensional Awakening? We are individually and collectively aware and primed to embody Higher frequencies of Light to create an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

To learn more about the Gateway Activations sessions check out this video.

We live in a time of great change. There is continuous energy being feed into our energetic bodies from Higher Dimensional planes that are here to help us to ascend to higher levels of awareness. These energies help us to release the past and to awaken us to our multidimensional gifts and abilities to be more Light. Gateway Activations sessions align your energetic structures so you are able to embody and activate the upgrades of the Higher frequencies and codes being offered.

In a Gateway Activations session I am working with your multidimensional body to assist your Multidimensional Awakening and Ascension process to Higher Levels. At the time of your session, I meet your Multidimensional Self in a golden chamber, and work on your matrixes/grids/bodies/Cosmic Self/Divine Self to assist in your awakening to the fullness of who you are.

In these sessions, there may be adjustments to your energetic wiring, templates, grids and outer connections to the cosmic/galactic matrix. Your wiring and pathways are upgraded to support the evolutionary shifts for maintaining higher conscious states. Old patterns might be released/shed providing a transformation in how you are in this world and allowing you to embody increased levels of this energy of higher intelligence/Light.

What is possible during these sessions?

Stabilizing the energies of the higher vibrations coming in and releasing the densities that no longer support this new version.  

Opening up the space for you to step into vibrational harmony and alignment that allows you to traverse the multidimensional realities.

Assisting you to unlock the layers of density that have held you back from unlimited higher states of consciousness.

Releasing of the layers of pain body trapped in your multidimensional structures.

Allowing more truth and light in to support your journey here as a multidimensional being.

Releasing densities for you to remember that you are a co-creator and are here as divine-manifester.

There are a variety of activities that can occur in these sessions to include but not limited to:
Downloads, gifts, attunements from the Angelic level, Ascended Master level, I AM, Pleiades, Sirius, the Galactic Center, and from other points in the Galaxy.

Realignments of the outer grids and templates that then require energetic upgrade/recalibration work on the chakras to hold more Light, which is done during the session.

Checking for interference in your energetic fields and clearing it.

Re-synchronize the various energetic bodies and grids to integrate higher frequencies with ease.

Opening and/or expanding the energetic pathways to the higher realms of consciousness and your personal Higher Guidance.

All sessions are done remotely. All sessions are unique and last between 40 to 50 minutes. When you sign up, we will pick a date and time for the session.

I work from a place of Love and Respect, and attune to what I am being shown is the work to be done in each session. After the session, I recommend that you remain quiet and still for 45 minutes and make sure that you are staying hydrated afterward. You might just want to plan a quiet day thereafter.

This is not a Reiki session or psychic reading. Not recommended if you are dealing with ongoing serious health issues or ongoing mental illness issues. If you purchase additional sessions, they can be done two weeks a part or more. If you are committed to your clearing, expansion, and upgrading, there are payment options for 3 and 5 sessions as well. 

I will email you an mp3 of the session within 24 hours of the session.    


Just some of the feedback from my clients.

I have greater awareness of what I need to do to align in these higher frequencies.
I am more present and less agitated by earthly matters.
I feel more connection to the energies of the sun and stars.
I travel more easily with awareness of my merkaba body.
Somethings within me have been reset and I am not going back.
I have more peace.
Amazing insights into what is blocking their journey.


Words almost fail me as I begin to write this recommendation for pursuing an Gateway Activations/Ascension session with Dawn. It was such a powerful life-affirming session! It was a profound experience. I can honestly say it was the the most exciting and revealing transformational experience I ever have been blessed to receive. It was being blessed with a big YES and JOY! - my own JOY! No one else could define this for me nor would I ever allow outside forces in any form to define this JOY for me! What a discovery! What freedom! Dawn is a true administrator, conduit, instrument of Pure Light with highest intentions for bringing about a transformation that serves our highest good and purpose. I, in my most humble expression, thank you for this gift of Ascension.  Constance K

I have been the fortunate recipient of multiple Gateway Activations with Dawn.
Dawn is able to traverse the corridors of time and space with ease. She is an open channel for the highest frequencies of Light and Love to flow through her. I often can get caught in the labyrinth of my mind, of my past, of my old fears. Dawn is able to connect with my Higher Guidance and my field and see, interpret and clear stuck, non-beneficial energies throughout my body, mind and spirit in this life and beyond…and then articulate that to me. She is fearless in her journey with me into the invisible vastness of the dimensions and energetic matrices that surround us. She upgrades and synchronizes all of my chakras and energetic structures, assisting me in integrating the new Light Codes coming into the earth at this time. At the end of a session with Dawn, I feel like I am wrapped in a cocoon of vibrating crystalline, diamond-like Light. My heart opens and I am floating in blissful acceptance of myself and my place in the world. I am eternally grateful to Dawn for sharing her extraordinary gifts with me and my husband on our spiritual journeys.    
Barbara M.    Aberdeen, North Carolina  

If you have ever experienced Dawn's classes or healing sessions you will already know how gifted she is and how transformative these experiences can be. Well, the Gateway Activations are no exception!

When I experienced the Gateway Activation I was able to see clearly how reconnecting my body to my cosmic body and my self to my Divine Self provided clarity, wisdom and direction.

I could see I was partially living in a mundane and obligatory way and not entirely present and on purpose. I saw that this was eventually going to lead me down the road to health issues and feeling stuck.

During the session the old patterns and routines started falling away and the new alignment was allowing me to see a clear picture of my direction. This experience truly opened doors and motivated me to live a life fully in alignment with my purpose and Divine Self.

For those who are ready…..I highly recommend Dawns Gateway Activations!

Linda B. 


$ 225.00