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Fertility Energy Assessment and Reiki

Fertility Energy Assessment and Reiki
Many women suffer from unknown fertility problems that doctors do not know how to resolve. In most of these cases, infertility can be because the woman has blocked energy in the reproductive areas and in those other areas that support healthy hormone production.
In a fertility assessment, I look at the energy dynamic of the reproductive system and other supporting systems and explore where the problem areas are. I then work to resolve the energetic and emotional issues that are tied to creating the fertility problems.
A lot of times during a session the client's guide or angel may come in with a message. The client's reproductive system might give me a message. I take good notes. A day or two after the session, I talk to the client to offer the insights that I received and provide feedback on the work that was done along with any other follow up actions.
This session is also used before I begin working with women who are undergoing IVF or IUI procedures so that I can assess and unblock the energy to support success in those processes/outcomes.

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Here is how it works!

After the session is purchased, I email the client and we set up a time to talk about their fertility situation. After we talk, we set up a time for me to do the session either in person or from a distance (yes I really can look at your energy even if you live 2500 miles away). Sessions are usually done in the evening time when the client is resting for the evening. I start the session at the agreed upon time and assess what is and is not going on. I take good notes to share with you. When the intuitive assessment is completed,  I then work doing repairs where needed.  I begin the work to unblock the energy, fill areas where the energy is depleted, and boost all areas that support fertility. I go back in the next day to check in on the work I did and do further work to increase fertility. I call the client within a day or two after the session to discuss what I found and options on how to proceed. 

If a client is going to go through IVF, IUI, we line up additional Reiki sessions to support growing many healthy follicles as well as to support the harvesting of the eggs and the transfer into the client's body.  If the client is dealing with miscarriages, we support her with repairing the deficiency and then weekly Reiki sessions for a few months.
Here are things that I find that block fertility:
Emotional energy stuck around sexual abuse
Emotional energy stuck around past abortions
Emotional energy blocking that is left over from times when you did not want to get pregnant.
Emotional energy blocking because their is judgment  or guilt about sex
Energy damage from car accidents, bad falls, and past surgeries
Energy blocked from carrying anger or resentment
Energy disassociated from the body from sexual abuse or abortions
Broken energy lines that feed energy to your reproductive system. This could be caused from falls, car accidents or other physical or emotional traumas. 

The short list above creates energetic and physical damage to the reproductive system. Reiki helps to clear out these blocks and restore areas that have been damaged. It also helps boost all components of the reproductive system to perform at their best and has a calming affect on the client as well.

Learn more how Reiki helped my 41 year old client to have a child.

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