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Reiki Summit Wisdom Package

Reiki Summit Wisdom Package

Gain access to all of the First Global Reiki Summit, May 2017 video recordings of 11 Reiki experts sharing their wisdom and experiences (over 11 hours of Reiki specific information only found here) plus the meditation for Individual and World Healing. Topics include:

Blending Reiki with Massage and Aromatherapy
Using Reiki on Animals
When Reiki is the Only Option
Reiki in Medical Environments and Working with Health Care Professions
Reiki is Life Changing
Integrating Reiki into A Ceremony
Use of Crystals with Healing and Biofield Imaging
Using Reiki to Remove Entity Attachments
Reiki and Shamanism
Reiki Research
Meditation for Healing Self & the World

PLUS BONUSES: a Meet Your Reiki Guide Meditation, How to Ground video, Energy Clearing video, Chakra meditation, Meditation for Reiki Practitioners to Create a Successful Reiki Practice, Reiki Hand Positions for Common Complaints .pdf, and Reiki Tips and Techniques for Massage Therapists .pdf

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