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Dowsing For Energy Healers Online Workshop

Dowsing For Energy Healers Online Workshop

Dowsing is a great skill that can help you to access information within the body and assess the health of your client's energy field. This amazing course Dowsing for Energy Healers teaches you how to use a variety of dowsing tools to dowse the energy field of your clients to gain insight and information that could help them in their healing process and assist you in focusing your energy during sessions.

You will learn how to select the dowsing tool that is right for you and how to dowse the body, the energy field, your food, supplements and much, much, more. We discuss how to access your inner dowser. Dowsing for Energy Healers provides specifics in dowsing for those who work as energy healers such as Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners, ThetaHealing, Chakra Healing, Energy Medicine, and Polarity Therapy practitioners.

Add to your energy healing toolbox and use dowsing to help you unravel the mystery of the energy dynamic that is unfolding with each client. Use dowsing to check how your client integrated your session. Use dowsing to determine what foods and supplements are best for you and others.

Each lesson offers video instructions and handouts to step you through building your dowsing skills.   Sign up here.