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Online Workshop-Chakra Awareness: Create Health and Well Being Naturally

Online Workshop-Chakra Awareness: Create Health and Well Being Naturally

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Do you want to learn how to create Health and Well-Being Naturally, without drugs and invasive procedures?

Our bodies have everything they need to create health. We are walking miracles. Our external and internal energy supports our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to create outstanding health. But when our energy is blocked, diminished or fragmented or completely gone, our body begins to move into a dis-eased state.

In this course you will learn from chakra expert, Dawn Fleming, KEYs to restoring your energy and how to create balance to support your body to create well-being. We teach what disrupts your energy flows and how to restore your good chi (energy). We discuss transforming negative emotions, thoughts, and habits into dynamics that support healing, joy, and peace. And we define easy steps that support the life you desire. Each lesson includes videos, meditations, handouts, and inner work assignments.

In this workshops you will learn the basics and move into the advanced information that will transform and accelerate your life. Each lesson includes lecture, inner work, meditation, and assignments to reflect on the transformation that you desire. Create health naturally. Learn the secrets that have been known to cultures in the far east and India for thousands of years.

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Are you ready to for transformation?

Lecture 1. Energy Basics

Lecture 2. Your Foundation - Root Chakra

Lecture 3. Emotions - Sacral Chakra

Lecture 4. Be Empowered - Solar Plexus Chakra

Lecture 5. Open Your Heart - Heart Chakra

Lecture 6. Speak Your Truth - Throat Chakra

Lecture 7. Opening Your Intuitive Center - Brow Chakra

Lecture 8. Connecting With Source Crown Chakra

Lecture 9. Energy Dynamics

Lecture 10. Continuous Transformation

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