21-Day Online Reiki 

 inner transformation for all levels

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This self-paced 21 day transformational program provides amazing tools for your Reiki toolbox. Reiki Masters Dawn Fleming and Kerry Blank present you with in depth information on a variety of ways that enhance your Reiki skills.


Topics include

Reiki for Trauma
Reiki and Forgiveness
Reiki for Weight Loss
Healing Sadness and Depression with Reiki
Reiki as a Pathway to Loving Relationships
Conscious Creation with Reiki
Conscious Creation With Reiki
Byosen Scanning
Cultivating Miracles With Reiki
Reiki & Forgiveness
Reiki & Honoring Free Will
Integrating Reiki With Other Healing Modalities 
Reiki for Healing Sadness & Depression
Inner Alignment to Maintain Focus During a Reiki Session
Reiki & the Detoxification Process (Healing Crisis)
Nervous System Balancing Exercise 
Clearing Space and Creating Sacred Space with Reiki
Reiki and Intuition
Create Healthy Boundaries - Personal and Energetic
Connecting with Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters
Two Days focus on Using Reiki and Crystals in Unique Ways
Grounding into Your True Self

This is how it works: After you sign up. You will receive a lesson each day for 21 days. Starts June 10th. Information is presented in video format. Each lesson offers a downloadable handout or meditation for you to practice what is taught. Work at your own pace. A private facebook page will be accessible for all students to share their experience with the course and to ask questions.  


 Click here and Sign up today! 
use discount code IGNITE