How to Become a CE Provider Online Workshop

How to Become a CE Provider Online Workshop

In this online class you will learn how to become a continuing education provider to open doors to new opportunities of presenting a conferences, gain credibility and fill your classes. There are so many professionals that need continuing education hours - CEs, CEUs, PDAs, and CMEs to stay certified. In this workshop,

In the video, Dawn Fleming will step you through the process and tell you everything that you will need to know and how to go about embracing the process. She will discuss what professional boards you can apply to and how the process works. You will get a copy of her ebook to down load as well as other documents to download. Course is $75.

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This course addresses:

- the benefits to being an approved CE provider

- what Boards you can apply to and how to find them

- what classes that the Boards will approve

- what they require

- the process of applying

- the process of writing your course outcomes, objectives and outline

- documents that might be required for you to get approval

- responsibilities of CE providers after they have been approved

- the national massage, acupuncture, and holistic nurses processes for becoming a ce provider

- updates on the national massage boards requirements.

- what wording to use for a Reiki I workshop to get it approved.

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