Master Reiki: Advanced and Master Level Manual

Master Reiki: Advanced and Master Level Manual

This Reiki Master manual includes all of the information taught in Reiki III A or Advanced Reiki Training as well as Reiki III B or Reiki Master Teacher level. It is a great manual for Reiki teachers to use in providing the higher levels of Reiki training. This manual provides in depth information for Reiki Masters to use as a reference on how to do attunements both traditional and Tibetan style attunements along with the deeper levels of energy clearing provided as in this manual as multi-dimensional clearing. Also included are step by step instructions on how do the very powerful Sui Ching Water Ritual Attunement given before the Reiki Master attunement. Take your Reiki practice a step further as you embrace Reiki Mastery.

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Topics included in Mastering Reiki:

Part A
Dealing with Change
Healing Crisis – Reiki 911
Self Care – Addressing Your Shadow
Get Grounded
Open up to the Messages
Hui Yin
Usui Reiki Master Symbol
Dai Ko Myo Meditation
Working with Your Reiki Guides – Reiki Guide Meditation
Meditating and Chanting with Your Reiki Symbols
The Antahkarana
Crystals and Reiki – Gridding Your Healing Space, Personal Crystal Healing Grid, Incorporating Crystals into Your Session, Crystals for Working on Yourself
2 Multi-dimensional Clearing Techniques – First technique using your etheric fingers, Second technique on the spot using etheric hands.
Part B
What it Means to be a Reiki Master
Creating and Protecting Your Space
Microcosmic Orbit
Tibetan Reiki Master Symbol
Fire Serpent
Symbols and Movement
Attunements and Reiju
Preparing yourself and your students for attunements
Violet Breath
Beginning each Attunement
Traditional and Tibetan Attunements each level
Sui Ching Water Ritual Attunement
Practice Attunements, Self Attunements, Distance Attunements, Healing Attunements
Six Healing Sounds
Reiki guide meditation part II
Teaching Reiki, forming a class, outlines for each level, consider becoming a continuing education provider
Reiki Master Ethics
Success for All
Taking Your Mastership Forward
Level II symbols
Resource list

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