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Reiki I and II Manuals

Reiki I and II Manuals

These new and improved Reiki manuals are for Reiki teachers to use to make copies for Reiki I and II classes without violating any copyright laws by copying information out of books or other manuals. You will never have to buy manuals for your students again. Copyright permission is extended for teachers to use these manuals to make copies for their students. The manuals are printed in easy to read and placed into a folder so that you can make copies easily. These manuals can also be purchased by any Reiki II practitioner. Upon request, these manuals can be sent via email via pdf file instead of a printed copy. Please put that in your comment section of your order and shipping will be deducted after I see the order. 

Special note: These manuals cannot be copied or sold to other Reiki Masters. Dawn has taken a lot of time to create these and Masters should purchase them directly from Energy Transformations.

The Reiki I manual is 39 pages and includes:
What is Reiki?
The Benefits of Reiki
A History of Reiki
Reiki Principles
Reiki and Other Healing Modalities
Self Reiki Guidelines and hand position chart
Energy Dynamics
Instructions for the Reiki Session with five pages of detailed hand placement charts
How to Disconnect
What to Expect
The Energy Dynamics of a Session
Reiki and Animals
Reiki and Plants
Levels of Training
Beaming Reiki
Getting Experience
Reiki and Healthy Boundaries
Reiki Shower Exercise
Reiki and Nutrition
Incorporating Reiki into Your Daily Life

The Reiki II manual is 15 pages long and includes:
A discussion about Reiki symbols
Drawing the Symbols
Activating the Symbols
Information on Each of the three symbols
Distance Healing
Hui Yin
Empowering Goals
Meditation on the Symbols
Group Absentee Healing
Incorporating Reiki II Practices into Your Daily Life

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