Heat Rising: Survive And Thrive Through Menopause

Heat Rising: Survive And Thrive Through Menopause

Life is not over when menopause arrives. A new chapter of life worth celebrating is just beginning. Menopause makes us pay attention to our body's needs while it also pushes us to redefine, rise up, and be who we are meant to be. When the heat rises many women want to hide under a rock or cry through what seems to be a never ending cycle of crazy changes. They get lost in the matrix of challenges and decreasing hormones and lose hope for life to be something that they can celebrate. Heat Rising offers women a road map for this stage of their life as the fire inside burns away the past and reveals them anew. Learn how this internal fire can empower you to become the wise Sage. This book provides much needed humor along with strategies to survive and thrive in this stage of Life!

Men will also benefit from reading this book to understand what is really going on.

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Heat Rising definitely offers a road map for women who are in menopause. When I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. While being both funny and practical, it gives hope to women who are experiencing the often times crazy-making feelings and mood changes that can occur during this phase of life. Dawn shares the wisdom and courage of her own journey which provides a sense of "okayness" and comfort to women in menopause. I think so highly of the helpful and humorous content in this book that I ordered one for my niece in another state. She loved reading the book and said it gave her a better, and lighter, perspective of what she was going through.
This book is also for men whose female partners are in menopause. It really helps to shed light on an issue that often is denied and therefore sets the stage for more intimate conversations to occur. It's the real deal!
Linda Roebuck
Hello Dawn--I just finished reading "Heat Rising" courtesy of my wife Mary. My Mom underwent a total hysterectomy after her 8th child in 10 years due to severe postpartum depression after the last 2 pregnancies and a Catholic non-birth control regime. As your book so eloquently pointed out, such sudden natural hormone cessation often leads to horrific symptoms. Unfortunately HTR in the mid 60s was not very prevalent and Mom suffered in many needless ways. I believe--like "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" that all kids should have to read by the end of high school--all men for sure should have to read your "Heat Rising" say when renewing their driver's license at age 40, just so we know...Thanks.  

Heat Rising is funny, enlightening and an inspirational guide and invitation to all women in or near menopause. Brilliant!

Frannie W.

My wife honored me by asking me to edit her book before sending it to the publisher. I laughed, I cried, but mostly, I learned a lot. I wish I had read this before my wife entered menopause - but better late than never. I recommend that every male, who knows someone in, or going through, menopause, read this. You will laugh, you may cry, but mainly you will understand.
Bill F.

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