Chakra Empowerment: 24 Days of Transformation

Chakra Empowerment: 24 Days of Transformation

Do you want to have more energy, feel better about your life, and be emotionally charged with feelings that support your goals. Chakra Empowerment takes you through the steps of regaining your physical, emotional, and mental health. It lights the pathway for you to understand what you can do to restore your energy, find balance, unblock your path to manifesting your dreams and to creating more joy in your life. Chakra Empowerment will help you to transform your mind, emotions, and attitudes to give you the life that you desire. It provides tools and meditations to transform you from within.

It is time to make your dreams a reality.

Get empowered to manifest the life that you have always desired.

Change your mind, change all areas of your life
Change your emotions, enjoy your life
Change you attitude, increase your energy

The CD contains 3 meditations that help to create balance in the chakras. Reduce stress and create well being by just sitting still and listening. The third meditation focuses on healing the hold body. Listen as often as you would like.

$ 18.95