Karuna Reiki – A Life Saver for Women in Menopause

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

Coming out of the menopause stupor I have a lot to share on how Karuna Reiki helped me get through this difficult phase of life. Six years ago I entered the change. The way it impacted me caught me off guard because I have been a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master for 19 and 17, respectively. I was a life coach and ordained minister as well. I have always been active hiking, kayaking, and walking as well as conscious of what I eat. So you would think that I would be ready for anything that menopause had to offer. Wrong!

The first signs of menopause were the hot flashes. Wow, I did not know that I could get even hotter than I am when I do a Reiki session. I would have moments of sweat pouring off the back of my neck and just about everywhere else. Some days it was very hard to do Reiki because it would put me right into a hot flash. There were so many other challenging symptoms that occurred, which propelled me write a book about thriving through menopause and celebrating our lives.

The biggest challenge that I found was anxiety. Until this phase of my life I never experienced anxiety. I had been through a divorce, was a single mother of two small children for ten years, and worked a stressful job for 20 years along with growing a full time Reiki practice. None of this caused me anxiety. I was just able to roll with whatever came my way. But when menopause arrived, there was this unexplainable anxiety. There was no foundation for it in my life. I have great compassion for anyone that has anxiety issues.

I tried to reason my way out of it. That did not always work. I tried taking flower essences. That would take the edge off most of the time, but some still lingered. The anxiety would shut down my motivation and paralyze my mind from connecting with what I needed to get done. This might go on for days at a time. I have always been a doer and this was very challenging.

After figuring out that this new challenge’s name was Anxiety, I knew right away that Karuna Reiki would help. I began experimenting with a combination of the symbols while doing self Reiki. The hand placements that I came up with for anxiety were over the second, third and heart chakras. I would end with doing some Karuna Reiki on the chakras in my head. Karuna greatly helped in lowering and diminishing the anxiety. Morning and evening sessions became the norm. I found that if I waited for the anxiety to come on to do a session, it would take longer for it to go. By using the Karuna symbols on a regular basis, the anxiety began to go away.

In this journey through menopause, women are called to make changes. That is what menopause is the change. We are entering into becoming the wise Crone or Sage, a place of great honor. We cannot get there doing the same old, same old. We are bringing our energy into alignment with the Sage energy.

During the Reiki sessions, I felt calmer about this journey and became determined to thrive and move into my Sage, instead of just surviving. The insights gained during the sessions as the Karuna energy balanced my body, helped to remove the fear of what these changes meant. I was able to align easier into what my body, mind and life were calling for me to do. I knew there were some outward changes that I needed to make in many areas of my life to restore balance. Karuna helped me in taking these steps with clarity and feeling supported.

Menopause can be an interesting and challenging phase. It calls for us to live more authentically, to align our energy behind our heart’s true desire. When we resist the changes that are needed, anxiety will appear. Karuna can assist in diminishing the anxiety and move us into the needed changes. There are two choices, one resist the changes and feel the anxiety or two, lean into the changes using our Karuna resources to assist our journey.

I choose to lean in with Karuna and asked what changes were being called for. I was able to take one step at a time as I embraced the transformation offered in being a Sage. For me, peace replaced the anxiety and an inner strength surfaced from the restored energy provided by these daily Karuna sessions.

 Dawn Fleming


Dawn Fleming is a Usui Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive. She has been practicing Reiki for over 22 years. She is the cohost of the radio show Two Modern Mystics. She is the author of Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive through Menopause; Chakra Empowerment: 24 Days of Transformation; Creating a Successful Holistic Health Practice; Teaching Workshops Effectively; Navigating the Continuing Education Approval Process; and Perspectives on Ascension. Her websites  http://www.energytransformations.org  and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/twomodernmystics   email reikidawn@yahoo.com


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