Using Reiki to Heal Fertility Problems

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

As a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master practicing and teaching for over 20 years, I find that one of the most rewarding Reiki sessions that I have experienced is working with women are trying to get pregnant. The ultimate reward is seeing the beautiful baby that is produced nine months later. What a lovely way to use Reiki to nurture the creation of life and to bring joy into a couple’s life.

I work with many women who have problems either getting pregnant or who were miscarrying over and over again. Reiki is a very effective treatment for helping couples who are having problems trying to conceive or making it full term. Reiki works to balance the body’s energy that supports hormone balance, which is important to women trying to conceive. It promotes overall good health and emotional well-being keeping the woman healthy throughout the pregnancy as her hormones change. Reiki removes the blocked energy that can prevent healthy women from conceiving.

I have witnessed Reiki work very quickly with a woman, in her mid-thirties, who was visiting a friend of mine. She had been trying to get pregnant for several years with no luck. My friend hosted a lovely dinner with a bunch of her Reiki friends in which I was invited. After dinner we decided to have a Reiki share. We offered to work on the woman who wanted to get pregnant and also offered to work on her husband. We had two tables and worked in groups of three. While working on the woman, one of the Reiki practitioners at my table heard a baby crying. He did not even know that the woman’s goal was to become pregnant. We learned a few weeks later that she got pregnant the night of the Reiki share. Nine months later she had a beautiful baby girl.

Whenever I have a client approach me about helping them with Reiki to get pregnant, I set up a series of Reiki sessions. I look at where she is in her cycle or in vitro procedure schedule and determine a path of Reiki treatments. The first two Reiki sessions are to bring the client’s body into balance, especially in the areas around the ovaries, uterus, and endocrine system. The endocrine system is very important because it regulates the body’s hormones, which need to be in balance in order for conception to occur. I sense with my hands any areas that are blocked and work with the Reiki to remove the blocks. I work in a place of non-judgment and just allow myself to be open to whatever happens.

I was able to use Reiki to assist several other women in their thirties or early forties to conceive. Most of them came to see me after they had tried for a few years without success or attempted in vitro procedures that failed. They would ask for Reiki to support their process or their next in vitro procedure. After the initial two sessions for balancing the body, I do a session the week before any fertility procedure, setting the body up for a successful procedure. I focus the Reiki on the endocrine and reproductive systems to support the procedure. I then do a session the day before the procedure just filling the body with all the energy that it wants to take and putting it in a balanced and loving place to receive the fertilized eggs. I send distant Reiki to the procedure and to the woman. We then do a session a few days after the procedure and then wait for the results.

A lot of women who have been through in vitro fertilization and similar procedures, who have not had success, worry and begin setting themselves up for disappointment, which creates energetic blocks and sends mixed messages to the body. I use both Usui and Karuna Reiki to align their mind and emotions in a peaceful and relaxed place for the success of the procedure. It is very important to get your client into a relaxed place of peace for the procedure. A lot of times I will discuss meditation with my clients to help them to focus in a healthy way.

Some women choose to continue their Reiki sessions throughout their pregnancy while others are satisfied with meeting their goal of getting pregnant and end treatments. We discuss the options of weekly or monthly sessions to support her and the baby while she is going through so many changes; however, the decision to continue or not is with the mother.

Many of my clients love Reiki so much that they end of taking a Reiki class so that they can support their own process and offer Reiki to the baby when it is born. When the women take the Reiki class when their pregnancy the baby receives a Reiki attunement also. I have been told by the new mothers who took a Reiki class while they were pregnant that their babies are good babies, meaning that they are content, happy and healthy babies. Many were second time mothers so they had other children for comparison.

While I am working on my clients I listen intently on whether there are any messages that the body is telling me about this person getting pregnant. One woman that I worked on who said that she wanted to get pregnant and had been trying for over two years; her body was telling me otherwise. When I worked on her I stopped in the middle of my session and told her that I could see that her body was showing a stop sign around her getting pregnant. I asked her if there was any reason that she should not get pregnant. She said that for many years she did not want to get pregnant because she was building her career. She had told herself “NO” to getting pregnant during those years. I could still feel that energy in her body of that intention not to get pregnant. I used Karuna Reiki to work on the old programming; however, it just seemed to stay there. Maybe her body was not prepared for a pregnancy, maybe she did not want to go through a pregnancy or maybe subconsciously her career was more important. After several sessions we decided that Reiki had done all that it could do. She ended up adopting two sisters who were six and eight years old.

One woman who sought Reiki to help her get pregnant was in her early thirties. She had been trying to get pregnant for three years to no avail. The doctors told her that they could find no reason why she had not gotten pregnant. They could not afford the in vitro procedure and her husband was against adoption. Reiki was her last hope. When I worked on her abdomen and areas over her reproductive organs the energy felt like mud. It was thick and heavy. I worked in that area for a long while, clearing it all out. I could see why she had not gotten pregnant because of the denseness of the energy that was there. After the session I told her that she had had very deep work for a first session and that she should go home and drink a lot of water and rest. Two days later she called to tell me that she had diarrhea for two days and could not go out of the house. Although she did not want to hear it, I told her that it was a good thing that her body was detoxing and that it would end soon. It ended on the third day and she got pregnant during her next cycle. Nine months later she delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Another client that I worked on was in her mid-thirties when she got married. Her and her husband wanted to start a family right away. She had her first baby without any problems. I met her after her first baby because she had macular degeneration and could not see the words on her computer screen. After eight once a week Reiki treatments her eyes were healed and her eye doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital verified it. When she tried to get pregnant a second time at age 42 it was a bit more challenging. She tried three rounds of In vitro fertilization but that did not work. She asked me if I could help her with Reiki. After a few months of Reiki to bring her body back into balance and aligning the organs for conception, she had success. Nine months later a handsome little boy was born. I was able to go to the hospital and greet him on his second day and to share a little Reiki with him. What a delight that was to meet one of my little Reiki babies.

Another client that was referred to me had had four miscarriages. The baby would abort before the fourth month. After her second miscarriage the doctors had determined that she had low progesterone and that all she needed to do was take the progesterone to make it through the fourth month. Even though they had her on this treatment she still miscarried. I met her in her first month of pregnancy. I saw her once a week through her fourth month. All went well. After her doctor told her that we made it out of the danger zone, she decided that she no longer needed Reiki. She subsequently delivered full-term healthy twin girls.

When addressing a fertility issue I believe it is best to work on both the husband and the wife. Getting both in balance is very important. Sometimes the energy imbalances of creating a baby or bringing a baby into the world is held by the husband or by the couple’s energy. Treating both the husband and the wife can remove the energy blocks that the couple might be holding or can bring the male reproductive issues like low sperm count into balance. I find that usually two sessions on the husband or male partner is enough to remove blocks and fine tune his energy for reproduction. Most of the time, I only get to treat the woman. However, the first example that I gave regarding the Reiki session on the couple at the dinner party only goes to prove how they both benefited by the immediate results.

I have seen Reiki create success over and over again for women wanting to get pregnant. Being a Reiki Master I witness a lot of different health challenging situations. Working with women to help them to get pregnant is my most favorite and one of the most rewarding Reiki experiences.

Dawn Fleming Usui and Karuna Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, author, and intuitive. www.energytransformation.org


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  • Phebe Bart-Williams

    Jul 30, 2018


    You have given me hope after reading what you had to say about Reiki and fertility. I have had 3 unsuccessful IVF treatments and believe that Reiki could be my last chance.


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