Reiki Resolves Night Terrors

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

As a child, starting at the age of 3, I experienced night terrors at least two or more times a week. An episode would start after I had been asleep for about two hours or more and would last for at least an hour. This continued until I was about age 9, when they slowly began to decrease and soon vanished. Night terrors left me scared and exhausted.

Back then I did not understand what was going on or how to stop them. No one in my family understood. They did not know how to reach me when I was standing there in a trance-like state crying in terror. To this day many, many, years later, I still remember how terrified and helpless I felt. I was afraid to go to sleep or be in a dark room. I was afraid that the dark and angry people were going to get me.

In 1989, I took a chakra balancing class and Reiki classes followed. In learning to work very deeply with energy I began to understand the different realms of energy that exist all around us. When I learned to mediate I had a hard time letting go. A part of me felt as if I might end up stuck in that dark realm. Eventually I let go, found peace and stress relief with meditation. Meditation taught me that there are many realms or planes of consciousness beyond the physical plane. As my capacity to understand the different realms of energy and activity on these planes, I found the realm that I had been visiting as a child that led to my night terrors. This realm is called the astral plane.

The astral plane exists right above our physical plane and is considered an emotional plane where souls go after death. Many souls move through this realm and higher planes of light. The astral realm is a very dense realm. Many souls that have a hard time leaving the earth plane are stuck in this realm. The heaviness of the issues that they embodied still exist in the astral realm. Their energy is negative and appears dark. The astral realm also houses entities of a non-human nature, which we, as humans, do not understand how to interpret their energy, so it appears as threatening or out of the ordinary.

For some of us when we go to sleep at night our crown center chakra (located on top of our head) opens up more so than others. We then tend to move consciously into the other realms. Some children sleep so deeply that they easily move into other realms. That is why some children state that they see angels and other heavenly figures in their sleep because they have drifted beyond the astral realms into more light-filled ones.

Night terrors happen when we move into the astral realm and stay there. We then connect with the negative energies that exist there. The entities and souls that have crossed over into this realm are stuck. They see our child’s light entering the astral plane and are attracted to it. They move close and want to connect. The child feels and sees their dark images approach trying to connect; but the child, so deep into sleep, does not know how to quickly return out of that plane.

Those who move into the astral realm at night do not realize that their conscious mind has travelled elsewhere. Fear, terror, and confusion are what we experience. As more of the dark energies approach, we feel smothered, trapped, and find it hard to escape – to get back home. For anyone, this is a very scary experience. Imagine being lost in dark place and not understanding who these beings are or what they want and why they are in your face. It is hard to understand that the beings around you just want to connect with your Light because they cannot see the Light within themselves. They are lost souls looking for the Light; their way out of the astral plane. They think that your Light is their ticket out.

Eventually, I must have learned how to not enter to the astral plane at night. I must have closed down that path-way because it was too scary or by being more connected to the earth realm I became grounded and no longer traveled at night.

Many children suffer from nightly or weekly occurrences of night terrors as do some adults. Children are less connected to the earth plane as adults are. Their souls still yearn for the realms of heaven from which they came. So at night their wide-open (crown center) allows them to move upward seeking the peace and tranquility of heaven and they arrive at what is a personal “hell” experience in the astral plane. The parents of these children feel helpless. They try to shake their children awake and the child does not respond. They think their child is having a nightmare, which comes from dreaming about something scary. But what they do not understand is that they are experiencing a true terrorizing experience that is very real as the child is crying or screaming to escape the on-coming negativity. Shaking the child to get them to wake up or talking to them is most likely not going to work. I remember walking through the house crying and screaming. My parents did not know what to do for me. They just assumed that I was having a nightmare. After experiencing a few of these, the child wants to sleep with the lights on because they associate the darkness that exists in the astral realm the darkness in their room.

Recently my daughter called to tell me that my grandson at age 2 was experiencing night terrors. What she described was what I had experienced. He no longer wanted to sleep alone. He was afraid of the mean people. Lucky for him, his mother and grandmother are Reiki Masters. We discussed a strategy that had immediate results.

So what can you do for your loved one experiencing night terrors? Start with their bedroom. Use Reiki and the symbols to clear the energy in the room. This will help clear out the energy of the hysteria that has been built up. In the air, draw the Reiki symbols into the room with the intention to seal and protect the room and the child. My daughter also took a drawing that her son did that was hung on the wall and physically drew the power symbol on the back side of the drawing and rehung it over his bed.

With regard to the child, before he or she goes to bed at night ground their energy field. Anchor their field over their physical body. There are many ways to ground their field. One way is to draw the power symbol over their feet chakras and hold them for a few minutes doing Reiki. Then use Reiki to close their sixth and seventh chakras to the size of a quarter. Children’s upper chakras can be wide open, which allows them to move outward very easily. Closing these down to the size of a quarter is their natural state and will keep them in at night. Visualize the power symbol over their crown center sealing and protecting their field and holding them in. Ask their guides and angels to assist the child in staying in their physical body at night.

It is really this simple. Following that strategy, my grandson no longer experiences night terrors. By using your Reiki skills, you can elevate the pain and sleepless nights for the entire family. The family enjoys a restful sleep and bedtime no longer is dreaded by the child who is scared that the mean people are out to get them.

Dawn Fleming, Reiki Master, reikidawn@yahoo.com




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  • Laura

    Apr 09, 2019

    Thank you Dawn, that is a great article! In the end I’m sure you meant alleviate rather than elevate. Darn auto correct!

  • Kat

    Jul 30, 2018

    Thank you for sharing this Dawn, it resonates quite strongly … I have experienced night terrors for the past 15 years, they started when I was 23. In this time I have worked so much on myself, and they have reduced from being a 6x nightly occurrence to occasional. However, last night was the scariest one yet – and talking to my husband this morning he told me it’s like I slip into another realm. This makes a lot of sense, and reading your post has helped me to understand a little better. I will be filling my room with light and love, reiki symbols and lots of grounding :)

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