Does Distant Reiki Work?

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

A question I get a lot from clients who are located out of state or out of the country is, "Does this distance or absentee Reiki work?" They think that we need to be Skyping or on the phone in order for the Reiki session to make an impact on their situation. Each time I get this question, I try to find a way to explain the concept of distance Reiki so that they will understand how this could really work.

After giving this a lot of thought, the way I explain it is as follows. Distance Reiki works on the premise that the Reiki practitioner uses tools that create an energetic connection with the client and their energy/consciousness, which reflects the client's state of being. Using intention, Reiki tools, and the client's name and location, the practitioner creates an energetic connection. I would compare this energetic connection to the router that you have that allows internet signal access to your computers, cell phones, iPads, etc. The router receives its signal when it is plugged in and sends that signal out to a specified area allowing all your devices access to what the router is putting out. It is sending and the devices are receiving. Although you can plug your devices directly into the router to get the signal directly (hands on Reiki), it is not necessary. This connection can happen without any of these devices being plugged in. Another analogy is your cell phone. What is it plugged into? It gets a signal (made of vibrations) and transmits it to another like device.

Modern consciousness research reveals that our psyches have no real or absolute boundaries; on the contrary, we are part of an infinite field of consciousness that encompasses all there is - beyond space - time and into realities we have yet to explore.
Stanislav Grof

When the Reiki practitioner performs any type of session, they are plugged into the source of the Reiki energy and it flows through them. The higher healing vibrations are moving through the practitioner. In a distance session, the practitioner sends the Reiki vibrations/energy to the intended receiver and if the receiver is opened to receiving the Reiki, they will receive it. The difference between (the computer router) and the practitioner is that the practitioner can feel the energy going to the client and most of the time can get a sense of what is or is not going on with the client (where the energy is blocked). The practitioner's consciousness is tuned into the client's energy/conscious state of being.

Although my router is not going to send a signal to Canada, the vibration that the Reiki practitioner is dealing with is much higher and more subtle than the router's frequency range. What we learn in Reiki level II is that during the distance session, an etheric connection is made with the intended receiver. Like making a call from your cell phone, you are making a Reiki call and connecting to receiver. For the time span of that session (call), you have made this etheric connection. Reiki travels through this connection and the connection ends when the session ends.

The receiver can be doing whatever they want during the session. It really does not matter. They will still receive the Reiki and benefit from it. However, when I work with a client, I ask that they be settled and quiet while I am working, so the impressions that I am getting are not from the activities that they are doing but from what is going on in their body. I sit with a pad and a pen so that I can write down any impressions that I receive. The client sometimes will feel calm and peaceful like a warm blanket has been put over them. Other times they say that they did not feel much during it but later that day they felt lifted, freed from their stress or burdens, or the intensity of their illness decreased.

Dr. Larry Dossey, in his book Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing, refers to a new Era of medicine as Era III that he refers to as nonlocal mind. He states, "In Era III, we rediscover the ancient realization that consciousness can free itself from the body and that it has the potential to act not just locally on one's own body, but also non locally on distant things, events, and people, even though they may be unaware that they are being influenced." Dr. Dossey's two main lines of evidence for nonlocal mind are the everyday experiences of millions of people along with scientific findings.

As a Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive working with energy since 1989, at first I was very skeptical about the distance Reiki and whether it could be affective. I came from a very analytical world as an analyst for the government so this did not make much sense to me. In order to prove it to be true or not, after my Reiki II class, I was offering everyone I could a distance Reiki session. Over and over again, I received positive feedback. With each session I would have different sensations and would know things about their bodies' that I would not normally know. And so my skepticism subsided and I now just make the connection and let the Reiki flow. I have witnessed Reiki's healing power from a distance while working on macular degeneration, fertility issues, tumors and nodules, broken bones, many other physical issues, along with reducing anxiety, unblocking energy to connecting with a job, finishing a project or opening pathways to abundance, and for a number of other mental and emotional issues that cause life paralysis.

Like my router and cell phone, do I need to know how they work in order for me to receive the benefit of their use? No. But the skeptic in me needed to know that this distance Reiki energy was connecting with the intended receiver and could make a difference. And so from time, experience, and the inner knowing that has emerged from over 20 years of sending distance Reiki around the world, I know that it can make a difference in a client's path to balance and well-being. I am hoping that this explanation of distance (otherwise known as absentee healing) helps readers to understand the vibrational connection.


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