Reiki ­Changing Reiki Students' Lives for the Better

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

People take a Reiki class for a variety of reasons. In 1993, I was led to Reiki after my daughter had an eye issues that was not healing the way the doctor said it would. At first I learned an energy technique called chakra balancing. It was a good place to start, but I found that it had so many steps to follow that it interfered with my innate intuitive gifts that did not need all of the steps.

A friend of mine took a Reiki I class and told me about it. She said it was exactly what I was looking for and was she right! What made it different from other energy classes that I took was that it provided an attunement. The attunement boosts and aligns your energy so that the Reiki flows through you and makes you a strong conduit for providing Reiki to yourself and others. After completing this class and doing my first couple of sessions, I was hooked on Reiki. I truly enjoyed the simplicity of the technique as well as the additional power that I sensed coming from the Reiki. I completed Reiki Master in 1996 and began teaching right away. Reiki changed my life in so many ways that I ended up quitting my government job in 2001 to pursue Reiki as a full-time career.

When I teach Reiki I find that my students are interested in Reiki for a variety of reasons. Some feel a need to learn how to work with their energy. Others seek to learn Reiki to find healing, clarity, or unblock their lives in some way. Many of my students take Reiki because there is someone in their life that is going through a health challenge and they want to support them in a way that will assist their healing journey. Some students want to take Reiki as a step to explore their spirituality. Over time, the feedback that I get from the students that practice Reiki is how it changed their lives for the better. Many stated that the Reiki removed the energy blocks and all of a sudden a job opportunity that they had been seeking for years opens to them or a relationship is healed or a life partner appears. Many students discuss how aliments disappeared or all of a sudden their depression or anxiety became manageable or vanished completely. One of my students was told by his surgeon that he would need his next back surgery in five years. That was over 13 years ago and he has not had to have one. Several students had cysts or tumors. When they went in to have them biopsied, the cysts or tumors had disappeared from them doing self Reiki.

Other comments that I have heard from my students is how Reiki has helped them to build confidence, speak their Truth, open intuition, enhance their spiritual gives, increased happiness and decreased stress. These are just a few of the benefits I have heard that students receive from practicing Reiki.

I continue to be amazed at the stories that students tell about how Reiki changed their lives and continues to do so in both small and immense ways. I love it when they share with me how they were transformed. The other feedback that I get from students is how their offering Reiki to family and friends impacted both the giver and the receiver in profound ways.

After taking a Reiki I class and experiencing the benefits, many students go on to the next levels to learn more. Reiki can change lives in many positive ways. I find that my expectations are always surpassed when I use Reiki. Reiki is a pleasant experience that we have to offer others and ourselves in world filled with chaos. It can bring peace and healing to the world.


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