Reiki Sessions

image of reiki session

Reiki Sessions in person or distance

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of healing energy work. Reiki helps to remove energy blocks and balance your body’s energy so that healing on all levels (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) can occur.

Reiki is good for: accelerating the healing process; shrinking tumors/cysts; healing broken bones, wounds, sports injuries; fertility issues (have had a lot of results in this area); healing eye issues such as macular degeneration; recovering from surgery or trauma; getting unstuck; connecting more with your life goals; connecting more deeply spiritually, and much more. For information on what Reiki is click here.

Reiki clears and balances the chakra centers to help reduce stress and ignite the body to turn on its own healing mechanisms.

Each Reiki session is about an hour long includes intake and processing at end of session. Client remains dressed and lays quietly on a Reiki table. First session is usually a little longer.

3 Reiki Sessions! Purchase three sessions (in person or distance), you get a discount. We discuss what you have going on and set up a time for sessions that work best for both of us.

$ 75.00