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Medical Intuitive Consultation

Medical Intuitive Consultation

Are you having health issues? Nothing seems to be working? You do everything the doctor tells you, but nothing is improving? Are you trying to get a new job or relationship but all avenues to success in these areas seem to be blocked?

Maybe you are ready for a medical intuitive consultation. I have the gift at looking at your energy field and can tell where energy is blocked and how it can be unblocked. A lot of times the client's body will speak to me, telling me how the client is in their own way to getting healed. Other times a client's guides or angels may come in to offer a perspective on what is going on.

We set up a time that is good for the client to be still and quiet. I go into a quiet space and access your energy template and look at every thing that is accessible. I write down all the impressions that I receive, and begin work to put the energy field back together into a place of wholeness so the body can heal or issues that were once blocked can be freed.

When I am finished the assessment, I begin to balance the body's energy, unblocking areas of congestion and strengthening the entire energy field. The next day I go back and look to see if there is anything else that needs work.

After a day or two I call or Skype with the client to provide feedback from the session. Most medical intuitive sessions are done from a distance (meaning you are at home and I am in my office during the session).

Are you ready to move into a  better place? It is time.

$ 295.00