Reiki Sessions/Energy Assessments

Reiki can help to accelerate the healing process, reduce stress, create clarity, reduce pain, mend broken bones, lessen the side effects of prescription drugs, and unblock your energy so you can move forward in life. Reiki can also help balance the energies around fertility issues, boost hormone levels, balance energy causing eye issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Reiki is powerful, yet gentle. It works with conventional/allopathic medical treatments. Sessions can be done in person in Scottsdale or Prescott  or can be done from a distance. Reiki can be sent to anywhere in this world. A lot of my clients live all over the U.S, Canada and England.

Other energy related services include:

Fertility Assessment where I look at the energy around blocks to becoming pregnant and then I begin the work of unblocking the client with a Reiki session.

Medical Intuitive session: I access and assess the energetic structure of you whole body and observe what is and is not working and how it is impacting the physical/emotional bodies. Each session is different. I dialogue with the client's body to gain more in-depth information.

Cord Cutting: This helps clients to release unhealthy attachments to family members, friends, or business associates that are impacting their life in a negative way.

Attunement Boosts: Reattune those who have already been attuned to Reiki. All levels. This just helps the give the body, mind, spirit a boost to support goals.