Why Am I Not Healing

October 14, 2020 Dawn Fleming

A lot of clients come to me for Reiki or a Medical Intuitive consultation and they are ready to engage in the work that they need to do to help their healing process. Others want Reiki to “fix them” without their participation. When the clients that want to be "fixed" think their healing is coming along too slow or does not meet their expectation, I repeat what I have been telling them from the very beginning. I tell them how their emotional and mental habits are impacting their healing and how their lack of embracing the process is interfering with the healing process.

Here are some things that I see that impact a person’s ability to heal, find peace, create more joy, expand spiritually, and create the life that they want:


  1. I can’t let go of my stories. I tell you the same story or stories, some that happened 30 years ago. These are sad stories that tell you I am a victim over and over again.

When we do this we block energy flow to our vital organs. When this happens disease can occur, our physical energy levels dip, and our joy for life is diminished.

  1. I get angry or upset often. I can’t let go of my anger or upset because it is justified.

Bouts of anger and upsets are equivalent to throwing bombs into your energy field and over time you damage, fragment, and break core energetic lines that feed your body. Anger creates blocks in the heart chakra. Americans have a high rate of heart disease. Addressing our anger issues may help alleviate a lot of these heart issues.

  1. The stories that I tell entitle me to house negative emotional states most of the time.

When we refuse to explore our emotional states and address the real reasons behind our unhappiness, we continue in a cycle that perpetuates the negative emotions. We can help ourselves by being mindful of our belief system that has a negative outlook and explore how that came to be and work toward shifting into joy. Life coaching and counseling can be a great way to hold us accountable for doing our emotional work.

  1. I put myself last. I need to take care of everyone else.

When we don’t take care of our own needs, our energy diminishes. Our cup needs to be filled in order to fill others. Ask yourself, what are you doing to fill your cup.

  1. I can’t.

When you say this to the things that will help you to heal, you are saying you won’t. You are also saying that you really do not want to heal. This keeps your vital life force energy frozen, not moving. A lot of times healing requires us to take actions that seem difficult. Instead of taking them, we procrastinate or refuse to take even one step to free ourselves from a situation that needs change. This keeps the sick energy in your body frozen in place. Nothing moves, nothing changes.

When we keep our energy in a low vibratory state for prolonged periods of time, we open ourselves to entity attachments or dark energies that enjoy a free ride in our energy field. These feed off our low vibration and make it harder to heal as well. Some people will show me their crystals or essential oils that they buy to help to heal them. They are not going to resolve your issues. Pretty, nice energy, but not strong enough to end your issues.

When we stay stuck in old patterns that do not serve us, we become the source of most of the stress in our life. This stress, like interest, compounds itself daily. If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, you do have the ability to create change that will help unblock your energy. If you do Reiki, do self Reiki. If you are ready to for a change, assess where you feel stuck and what belief or habit is keeping you stuck. Then find the right practitioner to work with you. No one is going to “fix” you. Your participation to creating an amazing life that you love is necessary and you will be wiser for journey to reclaim your life. 

Much Love,

Dawn Fleming.


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