Healing Stories

Reiki and Pregnancy a Wonderful Combination

May 23, 2017 Dawn Fleming

Article previously published in older newsletters. Author is Amanda Sachs   Pregnancy changed my taste and views on many things. It gave me an abundance of experiences on letting go and letting God. Prior to becoming pregnant I preferred Pepsi to Coke, poultry to red meat, took Excedrin for every headache I had and could always keep myself going no matter the level of exhaustion or lack of sleep that I was experiencing. I also felt like I needed to feel in control and have a plan and schedule for everything in life. Becoming pregnant took the relationship between me...

Defying the Odds – How Reiki Could Improve Your Infertility Forecast

May 23, 2017 Dawn Fleming

article co-written by Dr. Jennifer Caragol Jennifer’s story: The day the fertility doctor tried to call me with the genetic testing results from my embryos, my cell phone battery was dead. Upon plugging in my phone, she called back saying, “You have two genetically normal embryos, Jennifer! That’s unbelievable. I told you there was a 1% chance of pregnancy, and now (with this information), you have a 72% chance of having a baby!” She told me that this was a day in her career she would never forget, and that she didn’t know whether I believe in God or something...

Using Reiki to Heal Fertility Problems

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

As a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master practicing and teaching for over 20 years, I find that one of the most rewarding Reiki sessions that I have experienced is working with women are trying to get pregnant. The ultimate reward is seeing the beautiful baby that is produced nine months later. What a lovely way to use Reiki to nurture the creation of life and to bring joy into a couple’s life. I work with many women who have problems either getting pregnant or who were miscarrying over and over again. Reiki is a very effective treatment for helping couples...