Resolving My Digestive Issues with a Medical Intuitive and Reiki

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

co-written with Ashley Vied

In January 2014 newsletter I wrote an article entitled, Using Your Intuition to Support Your Holistic Practice. In this article I discussed how medical intuition can be really helpful to clients who are dealing with issues that doctors cannot diagnose. In early April, I was watching World News Tonight and heard an alarming statistic regarding how often doctors misdiagnosis their patients. According to the information presented here, 1 in 20 patients are misdiagnosed totaling 12 million per year being given the wrong prognosis. With all this said, I offer you an article written by Ashley Vied, whose doctors could not figure out what she had going on.

I've had heart burn for as long as I can remember. I'm 23 years old now and I probably started having symptoms of heart burn when I was around 15 years old. Since then it has always been easily managed by a healthy diet, drinking raw apple cider vinegar, and if got really bad I could take one over the counter heart burn pill.

That was a normal routine for me until about two days before Christmas of 2013. I ate homemade chicken vegetable soup that night and slowly but surely felt as if my throat was closing. Now, my minor symptoms of heart burn have always been a tightness in my throat but this was much more severe. This time, what was happening was no matter what I ate or drank, even a sip of water, it felt as though a hand was around my neck, literally choking me. This feeling would last for hours at a time, during which I could only sit quietly trying to breathe.

So I took my raw apple cider vinegar, I took probiotics, and I drank french green clay - nothing was working. I called my doctor and they told me to take double of the over the counter heart burn pill I was taking - still nothing was relieving this awful tightness around my throat. I went to see my doctor a few days after Christmas. He looked down my throat and said that it was swollen and red. He thought it might be burnt from the acid coming up and he put me on a super powerful heart burn medication. I was on this for about two months, twice a day before I ate, and it still wasn't helping. I was eating pretty much vegan by this point, and after the vegan shift it started to ease a bit of the pain. Not to mention that the medication the doctors had put me on had some serious side effects. 

I went to see a gastrologist and he said that it was probably just severe acid reflux/heart burn. He continued with the harsh medications. I had stomach pains daily, I would lay in bed with just full body aches for no apparent reason. A third doctor who stuck the endoscopy tube down my throat said everything was good, no swelling or redness. But, I was still in terrible pain and could hardly eat.

Finally after two months of going through this, I was talking to my mom about energy work, juicing, meditation, and massage. I was willing to try or do anything short of dancing around a ring of fire in a full moon to get rid of this throat tightness. My mom recently had read Dawn's latest newsletter and she suggested that I go to her old friend to get some energy work done for my throat. 

I've grown up getting Reiki, so I am not only used to energy work but I thought it was the best idea and couldn't believe I didn't think of it sooner. So we emailed Dawn, explained my issues and wanted to know if her medical intuitive energy work would be a good option for what was going on with me. She wrote back and explained that it would be a good solution and she would do this long distance. After she was done reading and doing the medical intuitive part, she would do Reiki on the areas that needed it. So we planned a time for me to rest for an hour and for her to do her work. The most interesting part of the hour while I was laying in bed as she was doing the energy work two states away, the entire time I felt as though someone had their warm hands over my ears and my hearing seemed to be muffled. As soon as the hour stopped, the feeling went away.

In the next two days, I felt increasingly better and I was even tempted to eat food I haven't eaten in months. I talked to Dawn about two days after the session and she relayed some amazing and interesting things she saw and heard about my throat. She said this issue stemmed from past life vows and promises I had made in a previous life that I was holding onto this life time and was causing me pain. She saw a dark cloud over my whole digestive system as well as it being twisted into knots. She used Reiki to unknot the energy and to release this shadow from my digestive tract.

That was a little over two months ago, and since then I've felt pretty much great.  I've been eating healthy, doing the mantras she told me to do for my past life vows and promises. I've gotten off all the crazy medications the doctors put me on. In fact, I'm sitting here drinking coffee as I write this, something I wouldn't have dreamt of being able to do two months ago in the mist of all that pain.  THANK YOU DAWN!"

I am not sure how comforting the statistics that I shared with you earlier make you feel, but as a medical intuitive, it makes me feel better that I can help my clients to get the information that their body is trying to tell them to get better. I do not diagnosis, I just look at where the energy lines are broken, at the energy surrounded the organs and body’s systems, and I listen to the client’s body’s wisdom to help them to reach their goals. As Ashley’s issues were related to a past life impacting her current life, in most cases the issues I see are related to a client’s current lifetime. I believe that anyone’s wellness team, should include an allopathic or naturopathic doctor and holistic practitioners that can help them to reach their goals. This way all of your bases are covered. And if the doctors are having a hard time diagnosing your situation, or you feel they are guessing, it might be time to get someone who can look more deeply into the energy dynamics that are going on or not going on.

I want to thank Ashley for sharing her story and I am so glad that she was willing to give this a try.

Ashley Vied and Dawn Fleming


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  • Sean Wade

    Feb 25, 2017

    Good inspiring blog

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