I am off Zoloft

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

A lot of you can probably understand when I say I depended on Zoloft for my sanity and yet hated taking it, hated having to depend on it. I began taking Zoloft several years ago when I found job stress, as an insurance agent, too much to deal with. I was off and on it several times because when it really took affect I would think I no longer needed it. Then the feelings of panic would come back, and I would go to the doctor and ask for Zoloft. It would take weeks to calm my system down again. I quit my job to care for my boyfriend of 10 years when he developed a brain tumor that was malignant. So I felt I no longer needed Zoloft. Is everyone saying “Duh…..”? So I went back to my old friend Zoloft hating it but feeling relief from the familiar feeling of anxiety. That was about a year and a half ago.

About 10 months ago I heard about Reiki at a Tai Chi retreat. It seemed like something I would like to learn more about. I went to Tranquil Waters to try out the Course in Miracles and found out that not only could I get a free Reiki treatment from Sharon but I could take an introductory class from Dawn. I was all ears although I made no connection between Reiki and what it could do for me and my need for Zoloft. I got my first Reiki attunement in March and then the Reiki II attunement in June.

It has empowered me to grow spiritually in ways I could never have dreamed of before. It has given me ways to help others and I am deeply grateful for that. Synchronicity flows through my life everyday. I began Reiki treatments with Dawn to work on some of my personal and physical problems several weeks ago. I mentioned to her that I would like to get off of Zoloft but didn’t see how I could since a tendency toward anxiety is a hereditary trait in my family. But I put the desire to get off it out there and just let it go. A couple of weeks ago I began forgetting to take my Zoloft most days, and when I went away for a week I just forgot to take it with me. So I finally realized I am off of it! I no longer feel the anxiety that I suffered with for so many years! It is not something I worked on. I just asked to be released from the need for Zoloft, forgot it, and it happened with no effort or even further thought on my part.

Always remember that even when you think nothing significant is happening with you spiritually, it is! The beauty and simplicity of Reiki is that you put the intention into the cosmos, and it requires no further effort on your part.

Love and gratitude, Carol


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