The Gift of Reiki Healing

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

The gift of Reiki played a major role in my preparation for spinal fusion surgery, as well as, my subsequent healing. For twenty-five years I experienced reoccurring back pain that led me to seek a myriad of traditional and alternative treatments. Many of these treatments were periodically beneficial, but with each passing year my pain worsened. When I practiced self-healing Reiki, my pain diminished, and I was able to complete my daily routine. However it wasn’t until traveling to New York in November, that I came to the realization that my daily routine had become limited.

Our family had taken a leisurely walk along the lake one chilly afternoon. In the early evening my brother-in-law found me in an exhausted state lying on the couch. He commented, “You really aren’t yourself are you? I can see that you are unable to do the things you used to do.” Tears filled my eyes as I recalled that pain and fatigue had prevented me from keeping up my usual lively pace. During the ride home my thoughts drifted back to my brother-in-law’s remarks. I felt that Spirit was giving me a clear message. Upon arriving home, I immediately called the neurosurgeon to schedule surgery.

As I prepared for surgery, I realized that I needed to rise above my usual stoic nature and ask others for help. I called Dawn Fleming and asked if she would set up some preoperative Reiki sessions. Dawn lovingly arranged several preoperative, as well as, postoperative sessions. Each of my Reiki sessions was a powerful journey toward recovery. On almost every occasion the Reiki Masters commented that although my chakras were clear, they felt a definite heaviness, an energetic block around my lumbar region. Several mentioned that it could be a result of an old issue, (perhaps even one from a past life.) During these preparatory sessions I felt my pain lessen and a sense of well being as the warmth of loving, healing energy flowed through my spine.

After surgery the doctor tiptoed into my hospital room around 2:00 a.m. to check on my progress and to deliver some very interesting news. The doctor explained that after removing the damaged discs from my spine, he discovered an abnormality. The anomaly was likely a result of a traumatic fall I must have experienced during infancy. He described the reconstruction as somewhat like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. He also commented on how well I was recovering from such a major operation. I told him that I had been fortunate to have several Reiki treatments before surgery that were instrumental in my recovery. He recalled that I was a Reiki Master and commented on the benefits of Reiki. I felt fortunate that God had led me to an enlightened doctor who embraced many healing modalities.

My recovery continues at an astounding pace and three weeks after surgery I was able to relieve my pain with Extra Strength Tylenol alone. Reiki’s healing power has left me feeling calm and peaceful, ready to face the challenge of recuperation without fear. In addition, I am experiencing a spiritual shift as a result of healing second chakra issues. Reiki energy flows from my heart allowing me to express and receive love along with a feeling of heightened connection to Source. My gratitude and blessings go to Dawn, Russ, Susan, Pam, Vic, Sharon, Pat, and all the other Reiki Masters and practitioners. These loving, selfless people volunteered their time and presence in order to be channels for God’s healing energy.

By Lin


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