Patti vs Breast Cancer...Patti Wins!!!

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

If you’ve ever been part of a family with history of breast cancer, you feel like a time bomb. As the annual mammogram approaches your stress and anxiety levels increase awaiting the results. If Cancer is detected, the plan for treatment that has been in the back of your mind when the first female in the family got “the news”, kicks in. You know you’ll cry for a while, then gather copious amounts of information to take to your many specialists visits, make decisions and preparations then hop on the Chemotherapy wagon. Sounds negative, but to me it’s reality. My sister was diagnosed at 32, had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and has been living on Tamoxifen since. My mother was diagnosed at 55, had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, several surgeries and radiation over the years and lost the battle after 10 years.

Living healthy is of major importance to me. I exercise regularly and eat right as well as stay educated in hopes of lessening my chances of becoming a statistic. I’ve had my share of “scares” though. Six or so years ago, I got the call back letter from the Radiologist stating there is an” area of interest” we would like to reevaluate. Most times it’s nothing then there are the other times. The suspicious area showed again, so an Ultrasound was performed, then it was suggested I make an appointment with a Breast Surgeon.

I made the appointment then called Dawn who immediately said “come see me now!” Dawn and I have been friends since Junior High School so we know each other very well. We visited for a while then she got to work with the Reiki Session. I was nervous, not fully understanding her gift, but was immediately put at ease as she talked with me the whole time. A feeling of calm came over me as I laid on the table while she walked around my body and placed her hands on and above me. When the session was over, Dawn told me nothing was there. We visited a while longer and I left feeling more calm and stronger than I had in a long time. A few days later, my husband and I sat in the Breast Surgeon's office as he x-rayed and examined me only to say “there’s nothing there”. It was an ecstatic call to Dawn that night. I still get checked yearly.

Last month I got another letter from the Radiologist requesting additional films. I went through the same procedure, additional views, ultrasound, make appointment with the Breast Surgeon and a call to Dawn who immediately said “You need to come see me”. She performed another Reiki Session stating “Your are out of balance”…well, heck, I was just told I have an area of interest and need a biopsy..that would throw anyone out of balance. As I laid on her table again, there was that feeling of calm I didn’t realize I was missing. Her concentration was unbelievable as she walked around my body and held her hands above me. The whole time making sure I was comfortable. Her daughter’s cat was sitting on my stomach which was relaxing also. As she completed my session she said "you are healthy don’t worry". I am a realist so I kept the appointment with the Breast Surgeon who could not find anything during his ultrasound (imagine that?). Just to be positive, I was sent for a Breast MRI which was a first, talk about your stress, but I kept hearing Dawn’s words…"you are healthy". Amazingly the calm continued after I got out of the tube and I just waited for the results…the surgeons exact words were “your MRI was pristine”, imagine, I have pristine breasts. Thanks Dawn, I love you!!



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