Some Miracles Just Take a Little Longer - A Story of Healing Lupus

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

I went to the Doctor last month for a routine physical, something most of us do on a regular basis. However, this one was unusual for me because all of my lab work came back negative. As near as my Doctor could tell, I am very healthy. He couldn’t explain it and was very confused. You see, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. My path to this last physical has not been short, quick, or painless, but it has been an adventure.

I was very ill ten years ago when I met Lynn, and she invited me to visit a healing circle at Madeline’s house. She explained it might seem a little weird, but what did I have to lose. That was my first encounter with energy work, Chakras, and the whole concept of being more than the sum of my parts. Within that group of healers I was exposed to concepts, friendships and “new” ideas. I began to feel better. Within 18 months I discovered something called Reiki, and Herbology, and a new way of thinking – (complete with a support group) that would lead me on a path of discovery and totally change my life forever.

Through the guidance of that first group I found new methods of regaining control of my life, periodically slowing the pace and reevaluating my personal and professional priorities.

I found that teachers appeared when I was ready to learn. It was Madeline with the healing circle and first Chakra class and Eileen at the Dandelion Herb Shop. It continued with training at the Baltimore School of Massage, Linda and Dawn with Reiki, and Ralph, my own husband who knew more about this “stuff” than I ever imagined and too many others to mention. Some teachers dealt only with the physical, some with the mind and others with spiritual aspects. Many taught me that all were related and could not be compartmented. I found a confidence to explore new ideas and ways of living, some were easy and comfortable and others were not. Some worked and some did not.

Ralph supported my efforts and provided the necessary “sanity checks” along the way. I learned that it was easier to be compassionate, loving and forgiving to others than it was to love and forgive myself. However, treating myself as I tried to treat others became crucial to my healing. I learned that I could not give from an empty cup and that I needed to refill my own and allow others to help me refill the cup…I had to learn to be a gracious receiver.

My health has improved gradually and steadily over the years. I am still careful about how much I obligate myself to do (still tend to try to do too much) and try to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life. Learning to say NO has been difficult.

I am delighted to report that at this juncture, I am off all medications (the M.D.s said it would never happen) and have a full time massage and Trager practice. The adventure continues and I now look forward to the future with great anticipation.

Carolyn Spinelli


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