Marconics Lux Magnum

Marconics Lux Magnum

Marconics the human upgrade. Multidimensional Ascension healing modality. Increases frequency, awakens your spiritual gifts, releases karma and density so you can access your Higher Self.  

Lux Magnum

The Lux Magnum session aligns you to draw down frequencies from Dimensions 7, 8, 9,&11 up to 144 via your connection with a higher aspect of your sacred self. In a session, your multidimensional holographic body is augmented so that you align with the Divine Aspects of Higher Self.

During a session the electric and magnetic pathways to connect in the higher dimensions are activated, opened, and unified to allow the rise of the multidimensional Kundalini. Karma, judgment, expectation, and fear are released. Implants and Zeta seals are released. This awakening and alignment provides a platform to achieve spiritual mastery for a higher level of Ascension and Soul Sovereignty.

You must receive 3 No Touch sessions prior to receiving the Lux Magnum.

Sessions in Scottsdale and Prescott, AZ. 


$ 150.00