Fertility Energy Assessment and Reiki

Fertility Energy Assessment and Reiki
Many women suffer from unknown fertility problems that doctors do not know how to resolve. In most of these cases, infertility can be because the woman has blocked energy in the reproductive areas and in those other areas that support healthy hormone production. In this assessment, I look at the energy dynamic of the reproductive system and other supporting systems and explore where the problem areas are. I then work to resolve the energetic and emotional issues that are tied to creating the fertility problems.
A lot of times during a session the client's guide or angel may come in with a message. The client's reproductive system might give me a message. I take good notes. A day or two after the session, I talk to the client to offer the insights that I received and provide feedback on the work that was done along with any other follow up actions.
This session is also used before I begin working with women who are undergoing IVF or IUI procedures so that I can assess and unblock the energy to support success in those processes/outcomes.
Sessions are done from a distance (meaning that you are in your home and I am in my office doing the session)
When the intuitive assessment is completed I begin the work to unblock the energy, fill areas where the energy is depleted, and boost all areas that support fertility. 
$ 195.00