Build A Successful Reiki Business - Starts January 17, 2024

Build A Successful Reiki Business - Starts January 17, 2024

Let 2024 be the year that your Reiki practice takes off in an amazing way!

Do you want to learn how to create success in building a Reiki practice? 

Are you looking to grow and expand your Reiki business? Then you are at the right place. 

LIVE ONLINE 6 Week CLASS via Zoom Starts Wednesday January 17th,  2024

This is an 6 week class, starting Wednesday, January 17th at 5pm Pacific Time, 8pm EST. We will go an hour and a half or more each session. We will address how to launch, grow or expand your Reiki business. You will learn how to effectively get the word out. How to keep clients and get referrals. Identifying your perfect client. Making marketing materials. Your website (dos and don'ts) and what type of website fits you best need.  We will address issues around money; setting and maintaining boundaries; using Social Media; blogging; how to get noticed, and much more! When you sign up for the class, you will be sent a survery to find out what your needs are so that I can prepare to help with those challenges.

You will learn from me as well as from each other. We will be addressing both the inner and outer work of creating a Reiki practice that supports you.

You will have homework.

Each person will also have their own one hour mentoring session with me to address your specific challenges. 

Each participant will have access to the online class Effective Communication for Energy Healers. 

We will meet on Zoom and all sessions will be recorded. If you have any questions about this class, feel free to email me at

Class will take 12 students. 

You are getting over $900 worth of courses and services for $350. Plus the opportunity to take your practice to the next level. 



I found the class very valuable! It got me thinking in different ways about promoting my business. I was finally able to break through my money blocks and get detailed on what I want my ideal client and business to look like. The class had paid for itself within one week of ending the course. I’m very grateful for Dawn and her amazing courses!
Halee Lynch Williamson

I have been doing Reiki since 1993 and worked with chakras since 1989. I have seen how the business environment has changed and have worked within these different media environments to support success. We will discuss many different ways to create the practice that you want or to grow the one you already have. 

$ 350.00