Moving into Balance

Empowering Caretakers to Restore, Energize, & Honor Self


This two-day event is being held at the Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, AZ (just north of Scottsdale.) Co-facilitators, Dr. Andrea Gonzalez and Dawn Fleming will provide a holistic approach to recharging, creating balance, and honoring the caregiver through a variety of activities. Make yourself a priority, sign up today! 


Pouring one's heart and soul into caring for others can be both rewarding and exhausting. Multiple studies have shown the burden of caregiving can impact a caretakers health and well-being. Isolation, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, memory, and sleep difficulties, and substance abuse are among the problems that plague individuals with large caretaking burdens. As the levels of fatigue and burnout increase the amount of sleep deprivation and lack of personal time increase.This can occur in any service field and even more in non- professional caregivers taking care of family members with altered abilities.

This retreat will allow you to become informed about many techniques you can use on a daily basis to restore your energy and compassion toward your life's work. An individual is just that, unique, we will explore many facets of healing that go beyond taking a pill or using medication. Through this workshop we strive to enrich your ability to relax in situations which are stressful, your ability to remember how joy changes your life and health, your ability to recognize your own needs and listen to your body.

The first step is saying "Yes" to honoring and re- energizing your body, mind, and soul. We hope by empowering that sense of self you can be more open to saying "Yes" to new opportunities to decrease the burden of being a caregiver whether that be starting new easy practices you do every day, finding a new group of friends to speak with or lean on, sharing a joined experience, accessing new resources, focusing on your own health, or agreeing to allow someone to help you.

This two-day retreat is for you to learn ways to restore your energy and take care of your needs. Presenters Dr. Andrea Gonzalez and Dawn Fleming will take you into honoring Self through a variety of activities.

The retreat is being held in the beautiful Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, AZ.  

Spirit in the Desert offers all of the amenities and beautiful environs to make your group day or overnight event successful, memorable and affordable, including:

  • Well-appointed guest rooms with comfortable beds, in-room bathrooms and luxurious outdoor balconies.
  • 24-hour coffee/tea refreshments, water, ice, laundry.
  • A spacious dining room featuring professionally prepared buffet meals by our Chef. Indoor or patio seating provide spectacular mountain views.
  • Additional small group indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.
  • A refreshing pool and spa.
  • Serene environs that include a meditation labyrinth, reflective walking path, fountains and a striking desert landscape.
  • WiFi access throughout the site.

Price includes all activities, either a single room or a double room, along with lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Prices are $329 for a room for one person or $299 for a room with double occupancy. 

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Andrea Gonzalez, M.D., board certified in Family Medicine. 
Graduate of Wright State School of Medicine and Fellow of Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona. 
From a young age Dr. Gonzalez has cultivated her unique understanding of health as it relates to an individual's experience of life through body, mind, and spirit. Before attending medical school Dr Gonzalez studied various traditional medical techniques from Japan, the Caribbean and Mexico as well as becoming certified in Thai massage. While in residency she became certified to perform acupuncture after realizing the void allopathic medicine left for chronic imbalances. Today, she focuses on establishing wellness at any phase of life or disease by using allopathic medicine or complementary techniques. By residing in the small community she cares for she hopes to elevate the level of wellness for the current residents by preventing disease through establishing a sense of community, movement, decreasing the stress response, mindful eating, medications or supplements, and cultivating spirit. 
Dawn Fleming, Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator, Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Author.
Dawn started off her professional career in the government as a Senior Analyst and Policy Officer. Through family health issues, she was introduced to energy medicine. After observing the results of energy healing she became a holistic health practitioner learning chakra balancing and all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki. Later she became a Life Coach and an Ordained Minister.Since 1989, Dawn has helped clients: accelerate their healing process, get unblocked, and achieve their goals. She is a catalyst for change. She teaches her clients how to raise their energy to support what they desire for their life. Dawn is the author of Chakra Empowerment: 24 Days of Transformation and Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive Through Menopause. Dawn has clients worldwide.  Her website is