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Reiki for Fertility Workshop - August 24 and 25

Reiki for Fertility Workshop - August 24 and 25

The August 2019 class has to be rescheduled. If you are interested in learning how do this, send me an email to reikidawn@yahoo.com. I will be looking at how to teach this online in the near future as well as an in person class in 2019.


This class is for any energy modality that has experience doing distance energy healing. For Reiki students it would be Reiki II or higher. 

Learn how to use your Reiki or energy healing skills to create success in helping those women trying to get pregnant but have fertility issues. Seeing a baby born into a family that has been struggling to make it happen is the biggest reward!



Day one: Hara line repair

Day two: Fertility challenges
               What to look for in the energy body
               How to address the energy dynamics
               How to support the IVF, IUI, and other processes
               How to resolve underlying issues impacting fertility
               Fertility issues from the male perspective
               and much, much more. 

If you have already taken the hara repair workshop, I will offer you a discount. If you would like to take my online workshop Dowsing for Energy Healers, you will have the option to add it on to the cost of the workshop at a discounted price. I highly recommend the dowsing workshop. It is a skill set that will help you to access and assess information that the body has to tell you. 

I have had a lot of success working with women of all ages that have fertility challenges. I currently have four women who will deliver this year. Each having her own unique problem trying to conceive. Some are in their late 30s and early 40s. I am now working with a group of women who will deliver next year. 

I am open to taking this class on the road. If you would like me to bring this workshop to your area, email me at reikidawn@yahoo.com