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Medical Intuition Workshop Live Online Workshop

Medical Intuition Workshop Live Online Workshop

Sept 24 and 25th,  9am to 4pm PT both days and Oct 1st 9am to noon PT

Look what past students said about the class:

"This class really helped me focus and structure my intuitive readings with confidence.  I wasn't sure I'd like the online format as much as an in person class, but I loved it.  The breakout rooms where we worked in smaller groups were great.  It was fun to see how everyone was able to pick up information in their practice readings.  The techniques taught and presentation make it good for people at all levels of experience.  I completely enjoyed this class and highly recommend it!" Kerry B. 

Thank you so much for teaching the Medical Intuitive class last month! I loved everything about it. The information was thorough and easy to understand and you gave us ample opportunities to practice what we were learning. It was so helpful to be able to do that in our small group because the one on one experience and feedback from class members was invaluable. You're an excellent teacher and I can hardly wait to take the Hara Line class! Keep up the great work! 
Kerri Wade, East Valley Healing

In this class you will:

Increase you intuitive skills. Learn how to focus your intuitive gifts with accessing and assessing information from your client’s body. Learn how to communicate with the body.

We will cover in person and distance scanning techniques. How to access someone at a distance.

Different methods to do thorough medical intuitive readings.

Reading the physcial body, emotional and mental bodies, scanning the auric field and the room. 

The different types of information you might come across while doing a MI reading.

Tips for increasing your intuitive abilities.

Your body as a dowsing tool. How you receive intuitive information.

Dowsing tools and using them in an intuitive reading.

How we block our intuitive gifts.

Working with your guides, angels, and doctor guides in a session.

Delivering the information to clients.

Marketing Medical Intuitive practice.
This is a very experiential class. Participants will be taught different techniques so they can experience and find those that work with their intuitive skill set. 

The class will be a live online class. It will be recorded and participants will be able to access the recordings. Handouts will be provided. Participants will be given time to practice in class and will have homework assignments as well.
You will have the opportunity to put your intuitive muscles to work and to receive valuable feedback from other participants. This class will be focusing on reading the person and their energy, not fixing the issues that you find. Class is recommended for those with a few years of experience working with energy or intuitive work. 
Instructor: Dawn Fleming has been working as a Medical Intuitive for 25 years, and a Reiki Master for 30 years. She is considered an Energy Expert. Dawn has been teaching classes in person and on line since 1996 helping to empower students to explore their gifts and maximum them. 



$ 300.00