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Online Karuna Reiki I and II Coming Soon

Online Karuna Reiki I and II  Coming Soon

Karuna Reiki I and II online class

Karuna Reiki addresses the need for emotional and mental healing which impacts all layers and levels of the physical body. Karuna helps to get us unstuck, unfrozen, move out of fear and habitual negative thinking. We can use it on ourself, friends, family and clients. It is great to have for the Reiki toolbox. It is very powerful. You will learn the Karuna symbols, how to work with your shadow, how to heal your heart chakra, how to heal trauma and much, much more. You will receive the Karuna attunements and will have the opportunity to give each other distance Karuna Reiki sessions flowing the class. For me it was life changing and continues to be. Price is the total for both classes. 


$ 500.00