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Reiki Sessions for Eyes

Reiki Sessions for Eyes

I have worked with a number of eye diseases and issues that have been brought on by brain trauma, aging, smoking, herdity, and illness. See the list below. Many of these issues have been labeled as incurable by many doctors and professionals. I have witnessed Reiki improve or completely heal some of these issues. If you are interested in sessions, I recommend starting with the 3-package sessions so I can do three sessions to assess the condition of your eyes, the situation, and how to proceed or if we should proceed. 

Most eye issues you have had for a long while and it takes a while to rebuild the energy pathways so do not expect them to be fixed overnight (although I am opened to that). While working on you, I will provide Reiki to any other issues that you have going on in the physical and emotional bodies. Once the first 3 sessions are completed there are reduced price options to purchase for future sessions, 5 sessions for $300 or 10 sessions for $450. The first three sessions are done over two weeks and additional sessions are done on a weekly basis. 

I do sessions in person in my office in Dewey or Scottsdale AZ or from a distance. Yes, Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world. I have clients in India, Canada, England, Belgium, Ireland, and all over the US. 

For information on how Reiki can help eye issues watch this video.


LIst of conditions that I have worked on so far. 

Branch Retinal Vein Occulusion
Branch Reinal Artery Occulusion
Cornea Issues
Cranial Neuralgia/Occipital Neuralgia
Diabetic Retinopathy
Eye issues related to brain trauma
Eye issues related to accidents
Macular degeneration dry
Macular degeneration wet
Macular hole
MS related eye issues
Myopia - nearsightedness
Optic nerve damage
Retinious PIgmentosis
Retinal Issues
Retinal Detachment
Stroke to the eye
Serous Retinal Pigment epithelial detachment
Toxic optic neuritis/neuropathy - related to alcohol, tobacco, and/or drug use
As well as for healing after eye surgery

Post eye surgery for accelerating the healing process and for resolving issues that happened because of surgery.

$ 225.00