Cord Cutting

Many people feel like they are stuck or are being controlled by parents, significant others, or people in the personal or professional lives. Is this you? Do you hear their voices in your head telling you what you should do or how you should do it? Do you have a hard time: telling them no, being your own person, giving your opinion, or living your life?

Cord cutting removes energetic cords/bonds/links to people that you need or want to detach from. It removes the cords of control that bond you in behaving in ways that are not for your highest good. Cord cutting assists you on your path to wholeness and balance. The cord cutting is followed with Reiki. The session is typically and hour to an hour and a half.

What are you waiting for? Free yourself and get ready to live life on your terms!

In person client remains clothed and lays on a reiki table and is guided through the process after discussing who they are cutting cords from.

From a distance, we get on Skype and do the session as if you were in my office. Distance Reiki follows the session.

$ 150.00