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Mastering Reiki DVD

Mastering Reiki DVD
MASTERING REIKI DVD - Traditional and Tibetan style Attunements, Multi-dimensional Clearing Methods to Remove Blocks and Restore Balance
Mastering Reiki DVD provides instruction on how to master the attunement process as well as techniques for removing deep-seated emotional and physical blocks to health and well-being. This DVD is recommended for students who are working with a Reiki Master and are ready to become a Master. Mastering Reiki is also a great DVD to use in teaching your students to do attunements and accessing more deeply into their client’s energy field.

What is on the DVD?
Introduction to attunements
Set up for attunements
Usui Traditional Style attunements – all levels demonstrated
Tibetan Style Usui attunements – all four levels
Final Thoughts on Attunements and Disconnecting your Energy from your Students
Two Methods for Multi-dimensional Clearing Techniques (energy work accessing deep in your client’s field)
Final Thoughts
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