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February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

Millions of Americans are spending billions of dollars on complementary health care seeking health and well being from a holistic approach. Reiki is a Japanese form of complementary healing that has been around for over 100 years and is making a big difference in today’s health care, particularly for women. It is very powerful in assisting almost any medical condition to heal. Reiki works on healing physical, emotional, and mental disorders. It has been proven to accelerate the healing process after surgery and reduces pain levels caused by various conditions. It works very well in coordination with conventional medical treatments.

How does Reiki work? Our physical body is made of chemical, biological, and energetic components. The world of conventional medicine is just starting to acknowledge the energetic components that support our whole body. Scientists have proven that every living thing has an energy field. This energy not only surrounds our body, it also fills it sending energy to every muscle, cell, nerve, organ, and bone in the body. When our energy field is low because of lifestyle factors, lack of exercise, poor diet, emotional or physical stress the body begins to breakdown and disease occurs. The Reiki practitioner lightly touches the body sending the Reiki energy through the merdians and nadis to the areas that are depleted of energy. Reiki removes energy blocks in the body, seals holes in the energy field caused by accidents or surgery, restores energy in the body, and helps with toxic side affects caused by medicines, chemotherapy and radiation as well as settles our emotions so that we can live more peacefully and heal. The Reiki practitioner is allowing the Reiki energy to flow through them into the client’s energy field where it is needed most.

During a Reiki session, the client remains clothed and lays or sits ever so peacefully while the Reiki practitioner gently places their hands over specific areas of the body sending in the Reiki energy. What you need to know is that many hospitals offer Reiki services; however, you will only receive it if you ask for it. With most alternative forms of healing in a conventional medical setting, if you want it, you need to request it. A Reiki session lasts about an hour and is always relaxing. Reiki is also fun and easy to learn. Anyone can learn to do Reiki. Many women working in careers in nursing, social work, counseling, physical and occupational therapy, etc. are learning Reiki to help their patients.

Women can benefit greatly from learning Reiki. From talking with my clients I find that women put their needs last and typically experience burnout more often than men. Since they are the main caregivers, they are always pushing to do and give more. When you learn Reiki, you learn to do it on yourself as well as others. You then can do a session on yourself while sitting at your desk, watching television, waiting for appointments, or watching your children play sports. Reiki relieves stress, puts the body back into physical and emotional balance, helps prevent burnout, and assists the body in healing on all levels. I find that Reiki helps women going through menopause, being treated for breast cancer, experiencing cysts, PMS, mental stress, and fatigue. I also have witnessed Reiki assisting women dealing with fertility problems, helping them to successfully conceive. I have seen improvement with many conditions experienced by my clients receiving Reiki treatments, but also have seen great progress with those doing self Reiki.

How much Reiki does one need to feel better? That all depends on the client’s overall health and well being. One session could be very helpful and bring the body back into balance. If the person is being treated for a serious illness, weekly sessions would most likely be needed for a while. Some people receive Reiki to work through issues that block their energy flow such as anger, shame, and issues that need forgiving. As these issues are healed and released, the physical and emotional bodies heal at deeper levels. Energy is freed up for the body to use in other ways. Reiki on a regular basis can help to eliminate daily stress and keep the body in balance. Reiki is just one way in which women can help themselves stay balanced, heal, and maintain high energy levels to create a more joyful and fulfilling life.


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