The Power of Distant Healing

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

Many people discount the power of distant/absentee healing (the term distant, distance, and absentee healing are all the same.) They believe that if the practitioner is not present for the session, the results would not be as effective as a hands-on session. From working with energy over 20 years, I find that both hands-on and distant healing are equally empowering, with both providing deep healing on all levels. Every level that can be accessed hands-on can also be accessed at a distance. Sometimes I find distant healing easier because there are fewer distractions when the person is not there. It is easier to stay focused.

I remember the first distant healing session that I did. I was talking to a friend on the phone and she complained about having a really bad cold and having to sleep sitting up. She also moaned about having a non-stop throbbing sinus headache that extra strength aspirin was not helping. I offered some absentee Reiki when our conversation ended. She agreed and I began the session as soon as we hung up. The session lasted for twenty minutes. I was amazed at how I could feel what was and was not going on in her energy field and body. She called about an hour after the session to tell me how amazing it was. She said that when I was sending she felt and heard all kinds of popping going on in her sinus areas around her eyes. After 10 minutes, she said that her nose began unclogging and began to drain. Her headache cleared within 15 minutes after the session ended. She knew that she was going to sleep in her bed that night. We were both in awe over how quickly everything happened. She called me two days later to share that when she woke up the next morning she felt 90% better and no longer had any headaches. I was grateful to have the experience and she was grateful for the healing.

I have also witnessed the power of distant healing when I had the absentee healing request list that I sent out once every 7-10 days for over 8 years. People would send me their name, location, and what they wanted healed. The requests ranged from help me with a specific health issue, send me energy to find a job, send energy to help me in this transition period of my work life, relationship or other, send energy for safe travels, and to the planet for peace or any area in the world that was experiencing a crisis. I also received a lot of requests for distant Reiki for pets. I would put them all in an email and send them to 700 Reiki practitioners on to send Reiki. The feedback that we received showed that the distant healing was just as powerful as any hands-on session. Some results occurred very quickly. Others occurred over time just like hands-on Reiki.

In my distant Reiki practice, I get requests to work on people with physical issues as well as issues that relate to helping people go through change or make changes. I help to release the blocked energy and to restore energy so people can embrace the changes going on around them. Over the past year, I have sent distant healing to several people, who are dealing with balancing the incoming higher energies.

Recently, my absentee services were sought by several people in crisis and the results were immediate. One person requested Reiki for her adult son who had renal failure, placed on dialysis, and was told to expect a kidney transplant. It was a shock to the whole family because he had always been so healthy. Her son was released from the hospital five days after the absentee healing began. There is no surgery planned for his future.

Another person wanted Reiki to support a situation that was requiring a four hour surgery. The person actually was aware during two of the sessions when I was working. The surgery lasted only an hour. The doctor was very pleased how smoothly the whole procedure went and so was my client.

When I am working with someone with absentee healing, I encourage that he or she commit to three sessions. During the first session, I am able to assess what the person’s energy field is or is not doing. I provide Reiki to the areas of distress first and then send Reiki to the rest of the body to bring balance. I call this session, putting out the fire. In the second session, which is usually 2 days later, I assess how the first session impacted the field. I ask myself is the energy flowing better, where are the hot spots, what energy phenomena are occurring, where are the blocks, and what approach needs to be taken now that I can access a bit deeper into the client’s field. I call this the clean up session. I also listen in to see if the body has any messages for the client. During the third session, the alignment and fine tuning phase, I am usually able to access very deeply into the client’s field. I sense the impact that the other two sessions had and continue the work for deeper healing of the particular area and balance for the whole body.


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