Healing Stories

The Gift of Reiki Healing

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

The gift of Reiki played a major role in my preparation for spinal fusion surgery, as well as, my subsequent healing. For twenty-five years I experienced reoccurring back pain that led me to seek a myriad of traditional and alternative treatments. Many of these treatments were periodically beneficial, but with each passing year my pain worsened. When I practiced self-healing Reiki, my pain diminished, and I was able to complete my daily routine. However it wasn’t until traveling to New York in November, that I came to the realization that my daily routine had become limited. Our family had taken...

I am off Zoloft

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

A lot of you can probably understand when I say I depended on Zoloft for my sanity and yet hated taking it, hated having to depend on it. I began taking Zoloft several years ago when I found job stress, as an insurance agent, too much to deal with. I was off and on it several times because when it really took affect I would think I no longer needed it. Then the feelings of panic would come back, and I would go to the doctor and ask for Zoloft. It would take weeks to calm my system down again....

Reiki in the Emergency Room

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

On September 29, 2002 I think that I was getting a message which was: SLOW DOWN! It had been a hectic weekend. I work full-time and I care for two children (one in elementary school and one in middle school), a husband, a house, a dog, two birds and numerous fish. Don’t get me wrong –I am grateful for every one of my blessings. But, I also feel like there is never enough time to do all of the things that I need to do. I know that I don’t NEED to do everything, but I do TRY to do...