Reiki Eliminated the Lump in My Breast and Offered Peace

February 17, 2017 Dawn Fleming

article written by Jenn Huff

 In February 2012 I was at a doctor’s appointment when my doctor found a lump in my left breast. She took me to the spot where I felt it and then when I got home my husband felt it as well. Immediately I called Dawn for a Reiki session and knew I was in good hands and only had to wait a few days until my problem would be solved.

The day of my Reiki appointment I arrived ready for Dawn to apply her experience and skills but was truly blown away by her method. She guided me through the session, and we talked off and on about what I felt or what she felt and how I was feeling all along. She kept my comfort in mind at all times and felt as though when the session was over that my lump was gone. I truly felt that the lump was gone also and never touched the area again, since I didn't want to plant any doubt in my body or mind that the treatment was successful. The session with Dawn really helped my mind and emotions as well as, my body.

Fast forward 3 weeks. I am in a radiologist’s office and getting several mammogram shots, each one more painful and irritating as we go along, and even an ultrasound to be sure by the doctor there. Throughout my pictures and ultrasounds I am continually asked why I am there. This seems a bit perplexing since I was recommended there by my doctor but it all made sense when the radiologist said she couldn't find anything on the films or ultrasound.

There was nothing! There was no proof of anything ever having been there! This was amazing to hear although I already knew in my heart it was gone, but amazing nonetheless! I let Dawn asap about what the radiologist said and we laughed because it was such an amazing validation of what occurred during the Reiki session. It has been weeks since my mammogram and I finally received my "official" letter from the radiologist stating that I should follow up in another 6 months, mostly because they don't believe I could have been helped through Reiki. But I do! I will follow up as my doctor deems appropriate but I won't be nervous because I know I am healthy and I am happy and I have Dawn to thank for that. Here's to a healthy body and to baffling the medical community again in 6 months!

 Jenn Huff



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