A Recipe for Healing - Attitude, Faith, Love and Reiki

February 29, 2016 Dawn Fleming

While in Florida, my father was diagnosed with an aneurysm in the abdominal artery. His paperwork was faxed to his home doctor in Pennsylvania, who told him to get home immediately. The artery should only have been 3 centimeters in diameter, it was swollen to 5.4 cm. Six is considered bursting. He went through additional tests to see if there were other aneurysm, but none were found. With his permission, Dawn and I did absentee Reiki on dad. Others also sent Reiki to him. He joked that it wasn’t working because the aneurysm swelled to 5.6 cm. I told him that it hadn’t burst, so Reiki WAS working.

I talked to him about going into surgery and doing Reiki. He was going to bring it up with the doctor. I prayed to be where I was needed for the highest good. After his appointment, he told me I wouldn’t be allowed into surgery. Dad was scheduled to be in surgery on a Tuesday morning, ICU for three to four days, then a regular room for seven days. From the very beginning, he had a great attitude about the surgery. Instead of feeling lousy, he looked forward to the surgery. He was glad that the aneurysm was caught and would be repaired.

On the day of the surgery I was allowed to see him after pre-op. I performed Reiki on him while my mom talked to him. I took some time and talked to his body, letting it know that it was going to have surgery, that it would be intrusive, but that it was for his highest good. I told dad’s artery that it had served him well, but needed repair. I explained what was about to happen, all the while I continued to perform Reiki. Then we had to go to the waiting room.

Since I was unable to talk to the surgical team, I didn’t know how they felt about Reiki. So, I sent Reiki to dad and included a prayer for God to be the eyes and hands of the surgical team and to allow the Reiki to reach them also, if they were willing to receive. I created my intention for the Reiki to be “turned on” and to continue even if my mind was involved in other things. Every now and then I would return to the conscious thought of sending Reiki to dad and the surgical team. The operation was over in four hours. Everything went extremely well.

My mom and I visited dad in Intensive Care. There I performed Reiki directly while mom talked to him. He had seven monitoring wires, two tubes, and three IVs. Since I did not want to disturb any of the many wires and tubes, I did Reiki by touching his left arm with the intention that the energy was to go to his whole body. I also talked to his body again and let it know that it had done a wonderful job throughout the surgery. I also told it that it needed to continue the job and heal. Mom and I went back the same day for the next visiting hour, and I again did Reiki through his left arm. The next day he was sitting up and all the tubes and half the wires were gone.

I had to leave and return home. But I kept working on him as did my family (Dawn and our daughters) and friends. Dad was released from the hospital four days after the surgery. The hospital staff, including the surgeon who operated, were amazed at how quickly he recovered from this major operation. I credit four things for his quick recovery....his attitude, his faith, love and Reiki.

by Bill Fleming


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