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Welcome to my website filled with inspiration, healing, spiritual wisdom and resources for dealing with life at its fullest. My purpose is to assist you to awaken to your full potential to manifest health, love, joy, abundance, and peace as well as help you to connect deeply with your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness.

I am Dawn Fleming, a medical intuitive, Reiki Master, educator, and author. I consider myself to be a catalyst for positive change as I assist my clients to remove energy blocks, heal, embrace change, and to achieve their life's goals. The services that I provide include in person and distant healing sessions, cord cutting, life coaching, Hara repair, mentoring, intuitive health and life reading, and workshops. Many services are offered via Skype as well as in my Chandler office. My goal is to empower my clients to reach their goals of healing and to find peace in living their Truth. I also offer a free newsletter.

My vision is to:
Assist you in healing and returning to wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
Provide quality learning experiences in all classes.
Develop students in reaching their full potential.
Assist humanity in the ascension process.
Use the power of the written and spoken word to restore ONENESS, LOVE and the DIVINE PLAN.
Spread joy, love and hope.

In my 24 years of working with clients, my intention has always been to assist them in reaching their wellness goals. By working with:
Women with fertility challenges to reach their goals of having a baby.
Autistic children to be grounded, focused and to interrelate with their family and the world around them.
Cancer patients through their healing process to shrink tumors, lessen the side effects of chemo, increase energy levels, and recover from surgery.
Clients getting off of depression medication to find balance and heal without medication.
Mending the bodies of clients that completed surgery or are recovering from an accident or injury.
Removing emotional or mental energy blocks to assist clients to find peace and to live their dreams.

May you experience peace, hope and joy in reading the information on these pages. Thank you for blessing me with your Presence.
Dawn Fleming

What are Dawn's clients saying about her?

"Dawn is an amazing medical intuit and healer. I have been so blessed to experience and to witness many healings from Dawn over the years, for myself, my family and for referrals. Dawn is incredibly accurate when identifying an illness, block or situation that creates "dis ease" and she is equally accurate at pinpointing the process necessary for a healing to take place."
Linda B.

"My first Reiki session with Dawn was completely amazing! As soon as she began I could feel energy moving through me, and it was suddenly as though someone had pulled back a curtain in a dark room and flooded it with brilliant sunlight!"
Bob T.

"Working with Dawn & Reiki allowed me to step back into my body to work through the tough emotions that were coming up. All my sessions were done through distance Reiki and follow up phone sessions. She is a gifted healer that is very much in tune with the energy and emotions of a client. I can't thank Dawn enough for being available for the help, and the gifts she brings into the world."
N. E. Lexington, KY

Other testimonials can be read at: Testimonials

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